Starting my photo diaries again

With the new year here I’m feeling so inspired. That things will get better along the way. And that change is coming. Hahahaa sounds so cliche when I type it but it’s true. During January I am trying to catch up on training again or at least taking daily walks cause it’s super cold. I for one prefer to stay in during the winters but oh well.
Today I really liked my outfit. With Mondays I’m usually blank and struggle with motivation so black was my go to . It’s easy to style black and hahaha I kinda of went all in.
Here you go

I really loved combining this:
Vest : Zara
Skirt :Zara
Shirt : Bikbok
Boats: Zara
I feel like it made perfect sense for me to lighten up the outfit with abit of color. Going all black can be tricky especially when weather and darkness don’t do you justice. So always remember only go all out in lighter colours or maybe during winter (this is just my opinion)

I kinda went all around with the jacket ( weekday)
This turned out to appear all black but I was content knowing I’d go and take sneak pictures at Zara.Tihihihi I love their lighting. It’s really silly cause sometimes I have to actually go in their changing rooms with actual clothes and I’m not even interested in trying them out but I do sometimesssss.

And then you meet my love Lucyyyyy!!!!!!! My 5 month old bunny that I love and deeply cherish. You also get to kind of see the vest clearly . Really loved the fact that it was thick and heavy. Kept me warm.

Loved wearing these tights (Hm)
The material was really comfortable and breathable. Love these boats and I have really used them soo much this winter. Haha each and my posts lately have been with these boats on.
I like that they have kind of suede skin inside so they keep you warm.

Oslo was looking so dark today :) but i love taking pictures of buildings with this kind of low light settings . So cold and melancholic and I loveeeee it.

Went to an international food store in Oslo and I felt like these rings kind of matched the green. I love having small rings but they are so small and keep falling off. I’m somewhere in between small and medium but I always take medium and it turns out like this. So big rings girls big rings and rocks.

This was soooo delicious. I literally wanted to have another plate. It’s called Mala beef. Don’t really remember the restaurant but it’s a pretty popular Asian cuisine dish.

Sooo guys this is one of my new favourite things to have on. This ring from (syster_p) is to die for . Chain rings have become a new sensation and I’m here for it.
I know that they have similar ones in Hm but just not the shine and chic nature of this one.
This mirror is a vintage piece I got from FINN so unfortunately I don’t know where they make these.

Hope you loved seeing my photo, fashion and style diary. Hoping to make more of this so stick with me🧚🏽‍♀️