This Is How I Roll is a six episode reality drama about Swedish teenager Natalie “Nattis” Eriksson. Nattis was born with Cerebral Palsy, she can’t use speech to communicate and is dependent on her wheelchair to move around. But Nattis is determined not to let that fact affect her dreams and ambitions. In This Is How I Roll we are invited to take part of Natti’s life in an earnest and uncensored way. It’s a story about school, friends, young love, parents and that fragile time between child- and adulthood. To La Vida Locash the task of producing a show about a person without speech, and still being true to and using that person’s own words, has been a great and inspiring challenge. The result is a moving and unique series about a powerful young woman. This Is How I Roll revolves around universal issues that every teenager goes through – but on wheels!

This Is How I Roll premieres on SVT Play later this spring.


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