Spider Veins or SV… medical terminology?

Have you ever tried to know what it is…?

No, no way…!

It is common. Many individuals ward off from the medical zone. And, it is true. Who wants to indulge himself/herself in the mesh of the medical terms? But luckily, it is easy to get educated on spider veins. So, what is it?

Definition of Spider Veins

Scientifically coined as Telangiectasia’s, spider veins are a medical condition that occurs in the legs mostly. In other instances, it can be found at any part of the body. They are the swollen or enlarged blood vessels that appear on the surface of the skin. These vessels can be clearly visible as purple, blue, or red lines.

Wait! Don’t be afraid!

They are not a deadly disease. But, they can make a person self-conscious about his/her look, as they can be seen on the surface of the skin. And, it leads to feelings of self-consciousness and also feelings of heaviness and aches in the legs, which is not what you want for your body.

Whatever the disease is, it is to be treated on time so that it can’t enlarge into a bigger problem. So, whether it is spider veins or varicose veins, it should be treated professionally and efficiently. Get the proficient natural supplements for the spider veins or varicose vein treatment.

Now, let us study the cause of the spider veins…

Causes of Spider Veins

There are various causes of the spider veins. Some of them are:

Check mark symbolFamily/Genes Problem

Check mark symbolObesity

Check mark symbolHormones (including puberty, pregnancy and menopause, birth control pills)

Check mark symbolElongated Time of Sitting or Standing

Check mark symbolRunning or Other High Impactful Activities

Check mark symbolOld Injuries

Check mark symbolGrowing Age

Check mark symbolCrossing Legs

Check mark symbolSun Exposure

Check mark symbolGender (especially, women are four times more likely to suffer from this condition, due to hormonal changes, birth control pills, etc.)

It is better to get the perfect pins for spider veins and get the disease treated proficiently.

Now, the turn of the prevention and treatment has arrived…

Prevention and Treatment of Spider Veins


Check mark symbolWalk for half an hour daily

Check mark symbolElevate your legs when on a complete rest

Check mark symbolConsume a high fibre and low-salt diet

Check mark symbolPut on the sunscreen, when going outside

Check mark symbolExercise your calf muscles to maintain the flow of the blood in your legs.

Check mark symbolBend and extend your ankles at least 15 minutes, till the problem desists.

Check mark symbolAvoid wearing high heels for an elongated period.


Although, it is not required to be treated, but, when the problem increases, it will become very essential to get the proper treatment. So, find the best Spider Vein treatment in Australia.

Basically, there are three strategies:

1.Sclerotherapy: A sclerosing agent, mostly saline, is injected into the veins, inducing them to scar. And, the scarring makes the stains less noticeable and finally are absorbed back into the body.

2.Laser Treatment: The laser heats up the veins, provoking them to clot and collapse. Once it is closed, the body then absorbs the vein.

3.Natural Treatment: Some plants and natural extracts have been found to improve spider veins, supporting the body to circulate blood through them in a healthy way, or by tightening or repairing the weak veins.

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