Now, we've been in Malaysia for about 2 weeks and we’ve had so much fun already. Our team has done a lot of different ministries such as sports with IpohBUG, services where we’ve given both sermons and testimonies as well as led worship. More opportunities we’ve had is painting for a school and also homeless ministries
Malaysia is a very culturally diverse country with Chinese, Indians and Malays, all with their different languages and cultures. Despite this, they all succeed to live together in harmony. So it actually feels like we’ve been to 3 countries this far instead of one. Malaysia, China and India.

​​IpohBUG is a sports organisation that not only motivates young people to enjoy sports, they also teach them unity and teamwork. It really is an awesome organisation and we are so happy to be able to partner with them!

We have been able to partner with a couple of different churches during our stay in Ipoh as well; Cunning garden Baptist church, Golden lamp stand and a Chinese church.

Painting is something we did too as I mentioned before. It’s a totally new YWAM base so it feels so fun to be able to help them with this huge project. We really enjoyed painting (and we promise that we did not only paint on each other, we got some of it on the walls as well).
We left Ipoh this friday and the day before yesterday was the last day of our two-day-stay in a village outside Taiping. 

Even though we weren’t there for long, we’ve still done quite a bit. On saturday, we had children's ministry from 9am to 2 pm and in the evening, our hosts took us to discover the city. Some of us choose to hike a mountain while others rested at a swimming pool with cool water from the mountains.

This Sunday, we took care of our church’s sunday school and we had so much fun doing that!

In the evening, we took a bus to Penang and yesterday we had a day off for sightseeing. Today, we’re heading to Kuching, our next destination. We are so excited!

We would really appreciate prayer for you guys for our team! Some things you could pray for is safety during transportation, unity within our team, an ability to live by the Holy Spirit as well as joy and a increased love for the people here!

Thank you so much!

Our house in Ipoh.

We had December 25th free so in the evening we exchanged gifts.

Our desperate attempt at making a christmas tree. McKayla is happy with her gift.

It's SNOWING! (jk, it's soap bubbles)

The beautiful city of Ipoh.

We had the opportunity to try fresh coconut. YUM!

One day, our friends Jonathan and Stanley took us to a Chinese village.

Philippe go(a)t a new friend. Hahah that was a good one. *self high five*

Here we see Judy discovering the surroundings.

Team photo.

Jonathan, Judy and Philippe are enjoying the view.

We hiked up a mountain in flip flops. Fun but challenging.

Tchoukball ministry with IpohBUG.

New Years celebration with our friends at IpohBUG.

We got invited for dinner outside Taiping at our friend's house.

Children's ministry in Matang Lutheran Congregation Church.

Havin fun.

Our friend Mr. James.

Tea time!

Philippe and Mr. James are enjoying the tea and Milo.

Some cool guys McKayla and Philippe met on a mountain.

A tired but very content Philippe.

Testimonies at our last day in the village.

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So, you probably wonder what we will actually do in Malaysia. That's a good question I will try to answer today!

The first 2 weeks, we will be living at a YWAM base in Ipoh, which is situated on the left island, 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur.

The last 4 weeks of our trip, we will be living in a house that actually belongs to YWAM Brisbane in the city of Kuching on the Borneo island.

We don't know yet every type of ministry that we will be involved with but already know that we will probably do children's ministries, some discipleship training, visit youth groups, hold services, house visits and working with Vietnamese immigrants and just spread God's love to the people. We will also go into a village and stay there for a while.

We are leaving in 1 week now and unfortunately, our staff member Judy Oliver do not have all the money yet to come with us. It would really be sad if she wouldn't be able to come with us, so therefore we would be so happy if you guys could help her, in prayer, but also financially.
Judy still need about 1400 Australian dollars so if you feel like you should donate to her, go to this website and follow the instructions:

​Update: Judy has all her money now! Thank you!

Picture of the city of Kuching



In 2 weeks time we are going to the beautiful country of Malaysia where we will spend the following 6 weeks which we are super excited about!

To start off, I would like to introduce our team members, all from different nations around the world.

Philippe is one of the two staff in our team and he is originally from Switzerland, not far away from the snowy alps. He is a very outgoing and, personally, I would say Philippe is the exact opposite of shy. He takes care of the logistical tasks before and during our outreach and we are happy to announce that this is only the beginning of his adventure in Malaysia. In the future, Philippe will be staying in YWAM Brisbane's house in Kuching and help out with future outreaches. A cool fact about Philippe is that he can speak 4 different languages fluently: French, German, Swiss-German and English.

Judy is our second outreach leader who graduated from her own DTS in the beginning of this year. Caring is a word that describes her really well, you can really see her heart for other people when you get to know her. She originates from the United Kingdom (which you can tell from her accent) and no, she's never met the queen of England. She has however not lived in the UK all her life, she was actually born in Zimbabwe. Cool huh?

I would say that the one with the most energy in our team is McKayla. She is a happy girl from Canada, Saskatchewan (don't worry, I can't pronounce it either). Her responsibility in our team is kids ministry and the first aid kit. Yeah, she actually used to be a lifeguard back home so to give her that role was an easy decision. Another fun fact about McKayla is that, even though she was born in Canada, she also is a citizen in the country of South Africa. So I guess we could say that we even have 7 different nationalities in our team.

Next, we have Brittany, or Bert as we usually call her. And I can honestly say this; she is the definition of joy. Seriously, this girl can make anyone happy. Some facts about Bert is that she lives in the US in the state of Minnesota but her house is only 10 minutes away from the border of Canada, she laughs all the time (whenever, to whatever, and it's very contagious as well...), and she has a phobia of cats. Which is pretty funny since we're going to Kunching, also known as "the cat city".

The last person of our team is me, Ofelia and I will take care of the communication (aka blog writer) during our trip. And if you notice any spelling mistakes or weird grammar, it's because I'm a swede. Bear with me.
Well, what should I write about myself? I have a fairly creative side so I will be the one who takes most of the photographs in Malaysia, which I will probably be able to upload here, I love adventures and this will be my very first december without snow. Haha that was pretty random, but so am I, I guess.

So, that was a little introduction to our team and I hope that you now know us a little better than you did before. 

See you around!

                           McKayla                   Bert                              Ofelia                  Philippe                  Judy