The art of thinking clearly

Our brain is our most complex organ. It´s unique, and has provided us with remarkable abilities. From building pyramids to skyscrapers, land on the moon, and develop a theory of mind. However, decluttering and navigating in a world of chaos is perhaps one of the greatest challenges today, leaving our minds under constant pressure to find ways to cope with our modern lifestyles. Because sometimes, all we want is to find the calm that we so desperately seek.

Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with information: advertisements, news, emails, and social media posts. We live in a overstimulated society. Checking our phones is now an automatic habit. Like smoking, it has become an addiction - It´s just something that we do (thanks, Dopamine). And at times, I question whether any of these things are of actual value to me.

To declutter my mind and free up space, I organise my home and get rid of non-essential items. I try to limit multitasking, and focus only on one task at the time. Of course, sometimes it is required that we multitask in order for us to achieve certain things. However, I find it easier to focus, complete, and stay productive by single-tasking.

When I´m looking for things to do that can foster creativity, imagination, and inspiration - I seek inspiration from nature, vlogs, magazines, TED talks/articles, LinkedIn articles, and books. I love playing Spotifys different playlists, while I clean, read, puzzle, or draw. 

To gain clarity and find the calm that my body needs to properly function, I also journal and practice gratitude. This way, I allow myself to reflect upon the life that I´m living, what I´m thankful for, and my everyday experiences. More importantly, I connect with my emotions. As a result, I´ve achieved balance. My energy levels have increased, and I´ve become more productive, inspired, and open-minded. All of these things enable me to think clearly in today´s overstimulated society. How do you find calm in chaos?



Så fint att du funnit ditt eget sätt till att skapa lugnet i vardagen ❤️ Otroligt viktigt! Låter klokt att ta en sak i taget, iställer för att multitaska hela tiden. Gör gott att försöka vara i nuet mer, tror jag 😊 Fin helg till dig 💖
Absolutt, du har helt rett - vi må lære oss å sette pris på det vi har nå. Takk for fine ord Janie <3