You´ve given a stamp of true love and friendship!

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I'll always see you when I close my eyes,
with that big smile you gave.
And all the little things, that made you special.
You'll never fade away from the memories we had.
I remember it all, like it was yesterday.
Goodbye is just a word, that I'll never say,
because you'll never ever be forgotten!
A hole lots of days and nights pass us by,
it doesn't matter, I remember!
What is time but just a dream.
I still feel you here beside me.
You're more than just a memory!

I can't hold your paw, or you in my arms.
And when I scream your name out loud,
it just echoes in my mind.
If we fell from the stars,
I look up tonight and know just where you are.

The world just keeps on going,
it doesn't matter that you have left, that you are gone, world just keep going.
But all the people or other animals you have met, have you given a stamp of true love and friendship!
And what you left you behind, special memories and so much love, not just to me or our family, so many more!

Everyone who thinks or talks about you, just saying your name ore think of your smile feels all warmth inside.

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Hugs n´ Kisses!



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