Weekend mode is on

Hey loves!
Waking up 6:AM everyday really got me exhausted. It's friday which means TWO tests are finally done for this week. It's been pretty stressful, but I'm happy it's finally over. Two swedish national tests, one reading and one writing.. I feel like I don't really know how it went besides that the reading went pretty bad haha... fingers crossed for good results. Yesterday, we had a oral book test in English. We talked about The fault in our stars, which went kind of ok because we all have seen the movie like a hundred times before haha.

Friday means new #music releases on #Spotify ... including this new album by Chain Smokers!! At first I didn't thought of loving it as much ass I actually do! Especially, SOMEBODY <333 I've already listened to this song like the whole morning and during my previous lessons today. Totally a new fave of mine!! <333

Today's look is a off-shoulder top from #zalando from Even & Odd I believe... I couldn't find the product on their shopping page tho...
Pants are from H&M aswell as the ¨Captain Hat¨
Shoes are the #Adidas Campus <33
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Fint inlägg! Följ mig - följer tillbaks 😊
I'm in love with your blogg!