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Hey loves!

The weekend is finally here and I'm more than ready to spend my saturday eating a ton of food, watch maaaany movies and just have a coazy time. Me and my dad are planning to do some burgers later on... YUMMY! I'll force him to watch ¨Overdrive¨ with me, which basicallly is a Fast and Furious- or Need For Speed-Copy... But it's hella good, that's for sure!

So yesterday I got some goodies from #richmondfinch, including this white #marble phone case with gold detailing. I've always wanted a white marble case like this, but I've never really had a chance to purchase one myself. Richmond and Finch team was so kind to send this beauty to me and I'm in LOVE! (#collaboration )

I've definitely am working on my feed on instagram a little bit more than ever. I am posting more often than before, so you should totally go and follow my two accounts on #instagram (Paulastaniek and paulasmakeupvanity)

Now I'm just lying on my trampoline outside and watching this beautiful orange-pinky-ish sunset. Amazing! Add me on snapchat for more of my living.


Marble Case