I wanted to be creative and pimp my shirt. So I decided to do a DIY Bleached T-shirt.

All you need is a shirt, bleach and a spray bottle.

⛔️Please only do this outside and with protection for your hands and clothes you wear!⛔️

This is the T-shirt I used for my DIY. It is from H&M and costs me 9,99€ online.

You can get it here: http://www.hm.com/de/product/56367?article=56367-A&cm_vc=SEARCH

Step 1: I took my bleach with the spray bottle and just sprayed it on the T-shirt. At first you will not see a huge different but just wait a moment..

After a short waiting period (about 10 minutes) it will look like this! Now you can decide if this is already nice for you or you can spray more bleach on it.

Step 2: Do the back! Same procedure.

Then you should wait a few hours and wash it in the washing machine.

So, that's the end result! I really like how it turned out, the tee looks now more interesting and special, and of course it is selfmade 😊

Try it on your own! Have fun.🤗




I am so in LOVE with Kylie Cosmetics lip products.

Especially the matte lippies have a really good quality and last forever when you wear them. The price is not that cheap but it is really worth it.

At the moment I own 15 Kylie Cosmetics products.

On the following pictures I made swatches of each one.

Let me know, what's your favorite product of Kylie Cosmetics??

You can shop them here: http://www.kyliecosmetics.com


This was my first order.

And this was the last order I made. The Koko Kollection was limited so I had to get them! 😜

All these matte shades (+ Koko K Gloss) can be bought separately.

These 4 shades are part of the Koko Kollection and I really love them. My fav is the "Damn Gina" Gloss, look at the glitter😍