​Finding good quality LED canopy lights was not an easy task for us for our fuel station. We spent several weeks looking for the best brands in the industry. Initially we thought of going with the regular mercury vapor lamps for our canopy lights and that is when one of our friends recommended LED option as it is one of the most energy efficient lighting options that we have today. As we liked the idea, we started looking for the LED canopy lights.

We were surprised to find so many brands in the industry. Every brand that we came across claimed that they offered the best quality lights in the market. We could not find anything but self-made claims and these claims were not good enough to choose a brand according to us. Therefore, we started screening all the leading brands in the industry. We spent a lot of time on the screening process because we knew that if we did not we would be wasting our money. We did not want to make such mistakes.

In our review we shortlisted three brands and finally narrowed down to this brand. We must say after installing the canopy lights from this LED brand, we are extremely happy with the quality of the LED and the level of brightness. These LED lights come packed with the highest lumen per watt. This brand enjoyed very good reputation in the industry. Customers who used this brand had many good things to say about this brand. Customer reviews that we found online helped us with our decision making process. As opposed to self-made claims, customer reviews paint the actual picture.

Another factor that impressed us about his brand is the cost. Even though this brand is one of the most acclaimed brands in the industry and that it offered excellent quality LED high bay lights and canopy lights, the prices were very nominal. Right from the beginning, our primary focus was on quality. We were happy when we found this brand because we got to enjoy the best of both worlds, good quality LED lights and affordable prices.

Once we received the products, we examined the quality of the LED lights and the entire kit. The fixtures were made of strong material and we were able to see that they were built to last a lifetime. This brand also offered the longest warranty period for its products. We are now guarded in every way.

Given the quality of the LED canopy lights that we have purchased, we are sure that we will go with this brand for all our future needs too. We will not hesitate to recommend this brand to our friends who are looking for premium quality LED lights at affordable prices. Besides canopy lights, this brand also featured high bay lights, wall packs, LED parking lights and much more. This brand covers almost all our requirements on LED lights. At last, here is a brand that lives up to its promises.