Who are overwatch boosters?

They are a group of professional players and Overwatch top500 players that have dedicated some of their time and effort to increase and raise the competitive skill rating of their fellow players in a process that is called " Overwatch Boost

" or " Overwatch Boosting " not only for them to show off about their rank but for them to gain the overwhelming rewards at the end of the competitive season

Why do they do it?

Most of the boosters do the boosts to enjoy different skill ratings and most commonly is that because they like helping other people. Come on! Who wouldn't like to gain 3000 competitive points and get a guaranteed golden gun? None!

How do they do it?

Overwatch boosting is done by simply knowing the mechanics and how the game works, for example Overwatch boost on PS4 and XBOX1 would differ in terms of heroes selection than in PC, in Overwatch PS4 boost or Xbox 1 boost processes it is way more common for them to use Pharah since in console aiming might not be as precise as on PC then that explains why Pharah is the main of almost every top 500 even on their Overwatch smurf accounts but on PC boosters would prefer to use heroes such as Soldier 76 or Tracer where precision is a key.

What make a booster different than a normal player who wants to climb?

The answer is easy: positioning and game knowledge.

Is Overwatch Skill Rating Boost safe?

Absolutely yes! Although Blizzard haven't fully explained where they stand in the boosting scene but they have stated many times that Overwatch boost is not an issue for them at all

Should I get my Overwatch boost in the beginning or end of the competitive season?

Depends on what you like. If you only care about the reward and you're mostly a quick play kind of player then you might want to buy a boost at the end of the season to grandmaster or top500 for a guaranteed golden gun and also a unique sticker and player icon. But if you're a hardcore competitive player and you care about your Overwatch account then you definitely should go for an Overwatch placement boost where the professional booster will win almost all of the games right at the beginning of the season and you'll start your season at the highest tiers