Bay of Island Day 2 & 3

When we arrived at the airport of Auckland we directly took a taxi to our hotel where we should stay for about three days. We were very tired after a 25 hours long flight from Sweden, and in Auckland, it was almost 10 pm, so nothing was still open. That night we slept very well. When we woke up early the following morning we decided to start the trip with two days at the beautiful Bay of Island. We packed our bags and walked out through the hotel doors and tried to get a taxi. But since it was an early Monday-morning the taxis were busy driving people to work so it was a hard time finding one that could drive us all the way to Paihia. So instead we walked to a nearby car rental station and rented a car and started our three hours drive northward to the town Paihia situated in the Bay of Island.

Paihia is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand since it has a very nice coast with wonderful trails to walk in, waterfalls and lots of magnificent birds. But Paihia is also known for being the place where the peace between the native Maori tribes and the western people was signed.

When we arrived at the bay, we just walked around it and as the tourists we are, we followed a specific line with historical moments for which had happened a long time ago. We also tried to find a hotel room by the coast since we wanted to stay for at least one night. After a long walk of researching, we found a nice hotel with four stars to spend the night at. It has begun to get darker so we decided to walk down the sea to find a restaurant. Since New Zealand is an Island (or mainly two), everywhere you go you are surrounded by water. Therefore, it’s not that much of a surprise that we ended up at a seafood restaurant. When our stomachs were totally full of prawns and crawfish, we walked our way back to our hotel room and slept the whole night long. Tomorrow, we will go to Russell.

In the next morning, we ate some delicious breakfast (who doesn’t love hotel breakfasts??) and then made our way down to Opua to take the ferry over to the town Russell. Russell is a perfect place to visit when you are exploring the Bay of Islands. It was the first place for European settlement and New Zealand’s first capital. It contains many historical buildings, for example, the Christ Church, which is the oldest church of New Zealand.

In the evening, we took the ferry back to Opua and drove our way back to our hotel and fell asleep within seconds. For tomorrow, we have a three hours drive back to Auckland ahead of us.

Thank you for reading about our trip to the Bay of Island.



​Hi everyone!

Welcome to our travel blog! We have decided to travel to New Zealand. We have never been there before, but we got it recommended from some of our friends that have been to islands lately. Our trip will begin on the North Island and we will travel along it for a week. After that, we will make our way down from Wellington to the South Island where we will spend the following week. All together we have decided to visit Auckland, Bay of Island, Wellington, Rourota, Queenstown and Christchurch. It is at least the plan.

But why New Zealand? New Zealand is known for its extraordinary and breathtaking nature with beautiful waterfalls, lagunes and mountains. You can do everything from lay on the beach all day to take a walk through the rainforest or skydiving. It is a perfect place to visit if you want to know more about different cultures and historical moments since it an ex-British colony.