Our trip to Punta del Este was nothing less but perfect.. She told me that week hey babe we're going out of town this weekend and of course that was a great spontaneous surprise. We left Saturday morning and it took us about two and a half hours to arrive. we got there around 6 something in the morning. The beaches were all pretty empty at that point and we seen people in their club clothes walking back to their homes/hotels. We walked around the beautiful city for a little while. while she showed me a lot of awesome hotels and beaches surrounding. We went to the famous spot with the Five fingers coming out of the sand. Like someone was drowning and that's all you see of them is the fingers. The artist was very interesting to come up with something like that. We took pictures with the fingers and went on our way to the other side where the waves were a lot calmer and there wasn't anyone around. We picked a spot to set our blanket up and ate breakfast and enjoyed the scene while it was quiet, not much longer we were just laying there and then so many people arrived. The beach began to become full as we fell asleep. When we both woke up it was completely full and getting fuller. I went in the water as she continued to sit in the chair she rented and the water was absolutely perfect. It was hot so the water was a little cold but as soon as you got used to it, it was a little warmer. It was just amazing. After awhile we packed up and left to go walk around some more and stop to get some lunch. We had a salad and some amazing papa fritas! Haha i have to continue with my Spanish of course. After an amazing lunch with the most amazing woman we walked to the other side of the beach hung out and when we first got there, my girlfriend had informed me that when someone goes missing everyone on the beach starts clapping. And when we were on the other side of the beach walking back along from picking a bunch of sea shells, everyone started to clap. A child had gone missing and the family was looking and as were police and lifeguards. He had been taken away by the wind in the water and ended up on the other side, well the mother was so scared and when he was found she passed out and everyone started running towards her and gathered around trying to help. We were so relived that he was found. After the emotional stress we waiting a few minutes and then we went walking around and we tried to watch the sunset but it wasn't going to set for awhile and our bus ticket back wasn't until Eleven at night. So we decided to change the time and then we ended up going to check out La vista. It's a place where people can go play pool, bowling, or for Two hundred pesos can ride up the elevator to the top floor where the moving restaurant is so we did that. And it was such a beautiful view. When we got to the top we stopped on the roof and looked out of the binoculars and seen people from so far away and sat on the couches just to sit,and take pictures. We went up to the restaurant and paid for the ride up there and they were so nice they let us just sit there and watch the sunset she got a Fernet and Coke and I got a Corona and we sat there and waiting for the sunset all sunburned and having a wonderful time together. After we finished our drinks it was time to head to the bus to get home. It was one perfect day we had together. We continue to live life, go on endless adventures together, and share the love that we have in our hearts each day. This beautiful life is possible because of this woman i share life with. I am so grateful for these amazing opportunists we have. It's a beautiful life!

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