A few days ago we celebrated Valentine's day, named after a priest who believed in love and later was executed because of that! fortunately, he is a saint today.

This day made me reflect on this thing about being feminine,- is it hot or not.

For those who have the courage to stand up for themselves as a woman, it's hot and in my opinion very sexy.

Many women chose to be both sexes. masculine/ feminine in one time. I don't think that's the plan dear peeps!

I'm not talking yin/yan here!

There is a reason why men and women are different from each other, otherwise, we wouldn't be attracted to each other.

Originally I am from Denmark and have now lived nearly seven years here in Austria.

Love brought me here.

One of the things I noticed when I visited Austria the first time was how gallant the men were.My man always open doors for me, help me take my jacket off when we are out, pull out the chair for me when we are out dining e.t.c. This was new for me. No offence but the Nordic men are completely different. I guess it´s because women have fought more for equality than the Austrian women have.

The consequence is maybe not in all directions beneficial.The women seem to have forgotten to enjoy the benefit of being a woman and the men don't have a clue about how to be a gentleman anymore that's pretty sad in my opinion.

I love the feeling of being cared about and have my man's masculine attention maybe a bit old school, but I don't care.

Horror picture!

I am a huge fan of teamwork in a relationship, otherwise, it doesn't work optimally, I have tried that too. But we don't want men who are winy and week do we?

Don't we need this strong chest to lean our head upon?

Are we done with the admiration of a strong masculine biceps to carry us if we need it, or do we (women) have so strong a biceps ourselves so we don't need/ want to ask for help anymore?

My biceps are strong, but there are things where I love to play Miss.Helpless even though my man knows I can fix the television carry a ton, do the lawn. e.t.c. i like to do those things anyway but you know what I really like that there are "men things" and" woman things."

As a woman I have the caring/sharing gene, I am true to my female nature. and proud of it,- That means I get treated with another kind of respect from my man because I stand up for my sex and for who I am.

Think about the stone-age, what was our purpose at that time some of them was to gather the family around the fire, to give birth, to cook, take care of the kids ,- basic stuff that doesn't fit 100% to 2018,-easy now I know ;)

I think it would be good to transform this metafor into our time. in other words to accept the difference between us instead of fighting against it.

we don't want to be the same, and it was never ment to be so. It would mean the same as to lose respect for each other, I think that's the main reason why so many people get divorced, we feel the need to change each other to something we think would fit better, I say, don't change your man or woman but change yourself if you truly love this person. In the second you accept that ,your happiness begins, I know it because "have been there done that."

Today I live in a relationship with a wonderful man, he is a real man meaning he cooks when he likes to, pasta, is his favorite, loud Italian music in the background and a glass of red wine next to the stove, he doesn't clean the house or do any other "housewife-things". He is a protector the masculine way, he loves when I compliment him for doing whatever;).

He has a very strong masculine gene. said with a smile ;)

Do I fight against it, in the beginning of our life together I did, but pretty figured out that the benefits of having such a man were bigger than my nordic complaining was?

I decided to accept him as he is and he did the same to me. So no! I don't, I deal with it .We have a balance between us, that doesn't need words.

You might think holy moly how can a nordic woman accept to live a life like that!

get it.

He gives me much more by being 100 % him and showing me that he is true to his values, than allowing me to change him into something he really isnt .If I want to be with him I must accept that.

He is doing things I cant do and I do things he , and with this balance things works out in a great way.

My point is,- accept each other as you are ,or leave it

Dear Woman: Be true to your beautiful feminine site its sexy and powerful, men love a strong feminine woman.

Dear Men: Allow your woman to be feminine and tell her daily how wonderful you think she is.

That's my recipe for a good relationship.

Happy valentine <3

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I am a little frustrated about something these days...

It seems to me that more and more people seem to develop a kind of anxiety for food!

I am a passionate self-learned cook, I love food, and to make it since I was a little girl, it makes my heart bleed when eating /cooking nearly has become a kind of science. Let me put this straight to you, this is how I think today, and not how I always was convinced, that's exactly why I feel the need to tell you the following....

I think its a very depressing development this theme has taken, to eat should actually be something natural, something we do because we have a natural need to satisfy our basic needs, including eating. But where are we now,-far out if you ask me!

When you meet new people It's nearly like the question next after "so, what are you doing for a living" is "so what do you eat, are you paleo, low-carb/high- fat or maybe something else...,- and the followup question could be "oraaah,- you are also allergic to gluten, milk, e.t.c.."

Have we put on a new" issue-jacket" I can't eat that and also not that because then I react allergically, or get belly pain, headache, acne...

I am also one of them who have tried it all until it some years ago was enough for me...

Please don't misunderstand me here, I have great respect for all the experts out there, but I think its time to take the spoon in the other hand now to look ourselves deep in the eyes and go back to what I mean is something we all are born with but most of us seem to have "drowned" in material and additive addictions

To re-learn the ability to listen and feel what the body need and don't need!


Remember when you were a little kid, first, you were consequent in your "yes & no´s" to food, bet then...

You tried sweet stuff, fast food, sweet drinks, candy e.t.c. Yummy you said, I want more of that.

What happens then, this I will tell you now.

You are nursing/feeding a part of the brain that makes you addicted to certain things, the more of this stuff you eat the more you dope the part in the brain that tells you whats good for you when you are full e.t.c.

You get addicted to fast carbohydrates and sugar, your body thinks it must have those things every day, and if you don't get it you get tired, angry, depressive, and maybe you look like the picture below...

not exactly amazing right,- I don't believe in the "love yourself no matter how you look" its bullshit, in my opinion

Got your point, Jeanette...

But I am sick and tired of all this food "tilktalk "all the time, can you really tell me something new?

Nope, sorry I cant, but I can talk about experience lots of it.

As I mentioned last week I have worked as a Holistic Therapist in health for many years. Some years ago I had to change my mind about something.

My clients food-issues.and maybe even my own...

I suddenly discovered what was wrong!

Most of them wanted a manual to eat and live healthily, and some -in this case me was supposed to be their co-driver until they were able to drive themselves, well so I did for a few years, but the scary thing here is, after they had consulted me for a while and should move on alone, it didn't work out like it should, most of them gained weight again, stopped exercising, and fell back to all their non-supporting patterns.

I thought I was the bad because it to that could help enough by installing the new patterns in my clients.

I realized that I had to change something very basic in my mind, into something very different.

I am a very intuitive person and trust my intuition 100% so what to do ...meditate about it of course.many walks and medi´s later

this is what happened ...

It was very actually like my mind was getting something from far away ,far away from my own time something basic and natural.

what came to me was something like this,- you must teach yourself and then your clients to regain what they lost in life, the strong intuition, and the ability to ask their body what it needs.

I spent some time in my "Think-tank"

-And made some bullet points i could use:

When you are in the mall,dont buy what you cant pronounce (the additive-lists)

Use as few and so straight things as possible when you cook, keep it simple in order not to stress your brain up with additive "drugs"

That means eat simple, and as clean as you can imagine yourself to do. By "cleaning up" the body like this, you will get a grateful body which speaks a healthy language you can undestand and wants to listen to . You will experience that you much easier can feel your basic needs.and lower your cravings for sweets and other foods thats not good for you.

But remember!

None of us are the same, what fits your nighbour might not fit you, how to figure that out?

shortly....it means

Talk to your food and your fridge, yep mean it!!

imagine you have a bag of candy you bought in the mall in your hand, look at it, and ask yourself, is this love to my self if I eat this, or am I treating my self like a bitch!

Ask yourself this "how do I feel after eating this, in my body and mind,-I guess you, in this example already know the

Imagine the same procedure but this time with some home-made sweet stuff like this to ex: -without any kind of stuff in it at all.

PS: I will share some of my with you in a later post if you like to?

Me in my twenties and now , 4 kids later.

What happend

Actually i just did what i wrote earlier, it means about 10 kg. less, more muscles and a healthier digestion, why? because i also finally listened to my bodys needs.

to make a long story short.

This was also an eye-opener for my clients, it worked amazing, one lost 20 kg, another 10 kg and and and.... the great thing here is, you really don't miss anything, you are not starving your self half dead. The most Amazing is you fall in love with yourself. you really feel the need to treat yourself nice and give yourself nice things to honour your body.

You only have this one and only body, and you have to live in it and with it your whole life, so what you prefer, is your choice, no one can do it for you! Of course, someone can help you get there, but it's your job to stay tuned.

Just a little reminder from me, don't forget to remember to enjoy all the good stuff for crying out loud !forget the bad conscious it doesn't serve one living soul on this planet, let it go, you, why you might ask, well its simple to punish your self is the safe way to an unhealthy body & mind.

It's your life, and your choice how to manage it, but please dear people don't make it so complicated to eat. Food is wonderful, enjoy it, look at all the beauty on the picture above, it makes me hungry and happy, how about you?

I would like to hear how you're doing it, are you thinking about food as a problem, as something complicated. or are you not giving it a thought at all? please tell me and let us stop the food fight now.





Life is a kind of dance is my conclusion, sometimes we dance the salsa and sometimes the moody blues.



Life is a kind of dance, sometimes we dance the salsa and sometimes the blues, the last one is the one we dance those days where everything goes wrong from the first second we open our eyes in the morning, True... We do need the contrast in life, if it wasnt there at all we wouldnt be able to recognise what feeling good is.

But..i guess you agree with me here, its better to have more feeling good days tha feeling bad days.

If you want to change the balance in your life then you are at the right place.

I know you know how what i tell you now it feels like ..

. Toothpaste all over the zink, because you pushed it too hard, the floor was wet so you fell on your ass, you burned your tung on the coffee, the milk was bad and you nearly had to puke.

You were late, so you missed the bus, by the way, it was raining and the only thing that functioned this morning was your hair, stunning it was that hair in the mirror before you left your house, and just in the "bull's eye! Until you came out and the heavenly water did what it could to spoil the rest of the good expectations for the day you had ...

Should I go on?

I don't think I have to, right, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The last days my mind was occupied with two things one was,-how do we deal with those "Blues" days. Do most of us blame "the others" and place the guilt outside ourselves for the bad stuff that happens to us?

Or would it be a benefit if more of us would take the responsibility in our own hands, and remember that we actually never can blame other people for our problems but just ourselves?

The second thing was, how we reorganice a bad day into a good day,, or do we accept the bad days seeing ourselfs as the biggest victems of this earth.

The words on the left are one of my recommendations to you, get pissed, don't accept that things seem to fall down on your head!

Get out of your own way and make space for the good to come, just because a day started badly it doesn't have to end so!

Its a decision, a commitment you have to make with your self. It's like exercising .If you are new and out of shape, its impossible for you to make 20 straight push-ups right!

You have to exercise, just like you do with your body, if you want to accomplish something.

Oh yes dear Jeanette, but how ,-you might think

I get this.

I can tell you how i deal with such days/periods, maybe you can use some of it in your own life.

I used to see my self as a victim when things went wrong for me,-the blues days/periodes where just a confirmation to my ( non- supporting) believe-system. at that time.i seemed to focus on the lack of everything and wasnt thinking about what i wanted in my life,instead,- money, time. things, e.t.c.

I found out that we actually don't have a safety net, no one catch us if we fall other than ourself!

BAM! that was an eye-opener for me.

You might think, but Jeanette that's wrong what you say,-my man, my mother whoever loves me will catch me if I fall.

True, they probably will, but it will never be installed in your believe-system that you actually create your own reality if you don't catch yourself first !it its not your mother, your man or anyone elses duty to do so.

its yours, just yours!

Do you have a good imagination? of course you do, you are maybe just not aware of it.

You will need it in your future if you want to use my pieces of advice ,by the way this is just another good reason to catch up on your alignment with little, Charlotte, Vera, Tom or whatever your name might be.Your inner child is the expert on imagination.

I challenge you now!

Would you like to make 2018 to the year where you stopped sabotaging your self because of the "blues days & periods", the year where you stopped feeling pity for yourself if you had too few salsa-days, every day could be or turn out to a kind of salsa day if you like to. Everything depends on your alignment with who you really are.

doesn't it sound good?

if you think so, then go on reading I give you my bulletproof way to change your frequency very fast. If you are disciplined in this process, you will see your whole world change in a few days. You don't have to do them all, pick those you think fits in with your life. Challenge your self by trying two or three out you normally wouldn't think would fit you, that's called fast development! jump out of your comfort zone and try it out.

What you see on the left is one of the billions of body cells you have. Did you know that you actually can talk to them and tell them what you would like them to do? did you know that your cells renew them self every day, imagine what would happen to your whole system if you decided to care more about your self? I will tell you,-a totally new you would see the world

your body-cells responds to how you treat yourself.

Is it about time to care a little more?

Your cells will love you for it, and so will you.

Now you could take an honest moment and get the feeling.How do I actually treat my self, do I treat my self like I treat my best friend, or am I a b**** to my self. If your honest moment told you the last thing, well then its no wonder that you have more blues days than salsa days,- get what I mean?

in danger to sound like a big cliche-muffin, I say it anyway...

Everything is energy peeps! everything! never the less do we act like we are separated cocoons, we are not!

What I see in you, you see in mee , a quote from one of my favs. books a course in miracles.

Hey...where does this stuff take me, you talk and talk, but what is the clue here..

Yes, mam /Mr.I will be there in just a minute, this is just important stuff for you to know if you want 2018 that kicks A**!

Decide from today to be openminded energetically.

Remember, just pick what appeals to you, and see what happens.

Tonight when you go to bed, take a journal with you, I love notebooks, nice ones with a beautiful cover and yummy paper quality.Let your journal be in your bedroom, put it in a drawer or whatever you might have.

1.Write down 3 things that made you happy and grateful today

2.Write down whats in your monkey-brain right now, from today or to-dos for tomorrow, write it down to let go of it, it will calm your mind for a nice and restful sleep.

3. Set your alarm to 15-30min. earlier than normal. oh yes!

4.If you are new to meditation, find yourself a guided one on you-tube. I am a big fan of yoga-Nidra before sleep. it's for me the most beautiful way to relax and fall asleep, and wake up refreshed and crunchy.Mostly I guide my self into sleep maybe with some music, but it's nice if you are inexperienced to listen to a guided one.

5. the first thing you want to do the next morning when you wake up, is to breath deeply into your nose to the count of 4 saying mentally "breathe in life", and breathe out through your nose to the count of 4 saying "I let go of all that doesn't serve me now.Do this 3-4 times.

6.Now its time for a short morning prayer sounding like this " Goodmorning dear(your name) and dear universe, Thank you for a good nights sleep in my soft bed.Thank you dear universe for supporting me, I let go of all my expectations and desires.

I am praying for the highest good for all, in all imaginable directions for me and for my life.

I know you have my back and I will pay attention to what you got for me today."

7.Stretch your body, and try to stay as long as possible in this neutral mood you always wake up with, its exactly now you set the intentions for your day, talk to your self about your positive intentions for the new day.Tell your self at least 6-8 times "Everything works out for me, always, everything really works out for me, and since everything works out for me, I'm eager to discover what more works out for me"(even though it isn't yet the truth for you, it will be, believe me! ) when you are done with it, GET UP!

8.Drink a glass of hot, I said HOT water with lemon, it activates your whole system in a calm and gentle way, you get used to it, promise ;)

9. Now its time for some "you-time" do some yoga or whatever you like, just move your butt! How long time depends on your daily schedule /rhythm it releases your "happy in the egg" hormones to move your butt, and you get great benefit from doing it in the morning in order to stay grounded during your day.

10.Breakfast time, now its good to fill up your body with some good protein, and a bulletproof coffee if you like them, eggs, seeds, meat, greenies, nuts, is for me the best way to honour my body in the morning. Try it out and let me hear how it works for you

A typical breakfast for me.

11.Imagination time, your time has now come to play "if you don't like where you are, then move, you are not a tree".If you get negative emotions thinking about your life, specific things, your work or whatever. THEN STOP IT OR I BARRY YOU IN A BOX!

Why on heavens earth is it that we always believe that we have to think about our reality if it isn't satisfying, then use your imagination for crying out loud! Think about what you want instead, and the most important! you have to be able to feel it, the emotion is the point.

if you can feel it, you can own it, the better you get in this, the higher energy , with higher the magic begins my dear

You will that many of the things you dreamt of doing/having/being very soon will be a reality. Your will begin to ask you what has happened to you, you seem so different, recommend you tell them "yes, decided that had enough of those blues days deserve the best, and I am the one creating my own reality.so get out of my way if you disagree. I don't need someone with negative energy to disturb me in my process

My last tip for today is about "earthing"I  will tell you more about that in a later post, I promise.

Earthing is very simple to do, walk outside, take off shoes and socks, no matter how the weather a little walk in your garden, barefooted, take 5-10 deep breaths.

Afterwards, you will feel so great, I do it every morning, its actually a habit for me now.

Earthing has so many benefits you cant imagine

It calms you, strengthens your immune-system, less cortisol in your body, and so many other things.

Try it out, let me know what you think I would love to hear about your experiences.

So, now you are equipt to meet the day with power, it all begins with your first thoughts in the morning, and the habits you have in your daily life, by changing some of them  you will make minus days to plus days much faster and easier than you think.





Welcome to my world, and to my new and very first blog post ever, so great that you dropped by, it means a lot to me, I really hope you like it. Please drop a comment and tell me what you think I would love to hear from you.

I really believe in that you can relate to what I am going to tell you now, so stay tuned.

About 2 years ago, I got this feeling inside you know, restless, unsatisfied, grumpy, all symptoms of stress, and this nerving inner voice kept on going telling me

"Jeanette its time to reorganize your work life, like now!"

I ignored it for a very long time. I have been self-employed as a therapist in health for many years first in my home country Denmark and for the last nearly 7 years here in Austria, love brought me here <3

I do different things in order to honour the body as a complete unit.Mind/body doesn't work optional when they live a separate life.I have named it PUNKT GENAU its a mix of the best kinds of treatments I know of f.ex,-acupuncture, massage, above this I do nutrition, exercise (my own brand, ) and finally holistic sit/walk the talk I still do just in another form ,but more about that later...

By ignoring what I knew I had to do, I began to get physical symptoms like pain in my body when I was working with my clients, and everything felt like climbing Mount Everest in high heels! I got less and clients, my first thought was that I was a failure as a therapist, although I knew that I was overloaded, exhausted, and frustrated and that was the energy I sent out to the world!

No wonder why nobody wanted to book appointments with an "old grumpy auntie!

But what was it I was ignoring, I told my self I didn't know, I guess you let in what you are ready for, that makes sense for most of us.

I knew for sure that I loved what I did and that I was pretty good at it, it just had to take another form, the way it was had something to do with an old dream/picture that made me fulfilled for many years, but obviously not anymore.

The point is, as human beings we change as well as our dreams changes along the time, but how often do we listen to the voice inside of us, well we might listen but how many of us take the unicorn by its horn and act upon it,-not many!

And those who do, a typical reaction for most of us would be, to doubt this person's mission or dream right?


My answer is simple,-it takes courage to follow our heart, to listen carefully and do what our inner voice tells us to do because that's always the unwrapped truth we hear when we listen. It means that we have to let go of something familiar and comfy to give space for the new stuff we don't have a clue about.

And that's exactly what I did, someone suggested me to add something new to my present work but with a deep connection to what I already did.

In the beginning, I refused to "walk a mile" like an old stubborn donkey...

Slowly my curiosity took over (I am curious, I admit it, so now you already know me a little better right ) slowly like a turtle ,- I guess you have noticed I like to use animals as metaphor , never the less I put my head out and finally felt the rush about this idea by combining my world with something new.

So be done.

I was though in "" believing in that what I did for a living was my identity, and for crying out loud ! if I gave that up who was I then!

It seems to me that I totally had forgotten what I have taught my clients for years...

Like: just do it, don´t procrastinate, you are not your work, your history and and and...

I discovered something that nearly felt like a " to be" in the fitting into my business, an to my present concept which actually couldn´t be more perfect.


To add this new idea in my business I had to study something that I,-to be honest with you always have had an aversion against, something I use to have a very straight opinion about, like "it will be the last thing I would do, then rather starve" and things like that..

I am what we call an extrovert introvert, that means in this situation I had to jump out of my comfort zone with a speed injection in my A*** to accomplish what I said I would do!

That wasn´t cosy at all, that´s for sure...

I had huge discussions with my self, and my man, some constructive and some definitely not.

But I wanted to challenge my self into it, and slowly I faked it until I made it so to say, I guess you have tried something similar right.

I began to find the theory behind the addon interesting and even funny.

I will tell you much more about what it is I discovered in a later blog, I promise!

I was hooked, !

What is actually the clue in this Jeanette, you might think, ok ok, got your point.

This I will tell you now...

I guess you know her, the amazing powerful ,- yeah yeah you might say,-and what on heavens earth is she doing in this

She appears here, because when I see her, she wakes up my inner worrier, she supports my faith in that everything is possible for all of us, if we only want´s it enough, and with a loving spirit behind every action we do, theres a huge chance that we will reach our goal what ever it might be for you.iWell... if you are happy and fully satisfied with your life then just forget what I say, but I guess I little seed inside us all wants something bigger, something more and if so, with the right spirit it goes much faster that you can imagine.

With Wonderwoman in mind and as often as you and I can establish it, a kindly an loving self-directed spirit, and language to your self, meditation, earthing or whatever you do as your daily supporting routines, if you have any at all, if not, the make some now!

Its gold for you and do it x 10 in transmission periods :) it is so much easier to move your A** in the direction you want if you support yourself in all directions.

In a later post, I will give you my secrets how to begin your day, and stay grounded all day long, also how to end it and get a good nights sleep to make you feel so refreshed the next morning.

By the way....

The pic. below is another of my Sheroes, she is from up north like I am, she is wild, fearless, funny, loving Bitchi, giving, helpful and charming, I don´t need to say her name right ;)

One of my favourite quotes comes from her, in everything she wants to accomplish she says something like this,

"that looks interesting, this I have never tried before, well, I can do it, that will be easy-peasy for me."

Every time I stand in front of a challenge an issue or whatever, I often think about her, my from my childhood. She knows" how to "

- back to what I promised to tell you,-

In my opinion, children are the most amazing ones to teach us how to.

How often don´t you get nerved by seeing /listening to a kid, that after 2 minutes doesn´t want to play with the same toy anymore or complain about being bored or wants something to eat, drink do the whole time, I guess you know several kids like that, we call them spoiled and look indignant at the parents.

Don´t do it next time you experience it, but watch and learn.They are doing what you and I also did before we got too busy getting adult and important.

Do you remember?

How was it to be a child? well... if you don´t,- I will refresh your mind and invite you to take a walk down memory lane with me,-

Do you remember the spontaneous happiness which suddenly was there for no reason, the butterflies flying around in your belly, maybe because your grandparents were coming to visit, or something completely different...

Do you remember how funny it was to jump up and down with your eyes closed, totally dizzy when you opened your eyes again.

Christmas, it was nearly not bearable to be a child, to wait something that felt like years for the evening to come.

I could go on, but I will spear you, I think you got my point,.We are not here on this planet to suffer, to feel guilt, to have bad conscious about whatever, or any other negative emotion which holds us back from living the life we would like.

Many of us just dream about it, and the believes we often have convinced us about that we don´t deserve the best.


You do, I do, everybody does, but to get there, to have it, you must be able to feel it even before its there, if you can dream it, then it´s yours forever.

We are not here to live up to something, just to our own values about what a fulfilled life. is in all directions you can imagine.

I for sure know for my self that I feel most happy when I do what my life purpose is,.Through my life and probably also in yours, you and I had to take some U-turns, a little to the right, a little to the left. There is no straight way to our goals, it is in our nature to want more, wanting to experience more of the good stuff, to feel fulfilled in our private life and our work life.

Who is supposed to give you the permission, nobody else but you!

But how you might ask...

BABYSTEPS MY DEAR PEEPS,- babysteps are also steps...

We also wouldn´t eat all the food we would eat in a life-time in one day, right.

Life is one long journey, a school, of experiences some of them are tough and in the present moment they might not have a logic reason, but there´s always a plan.If you like me want something to change you must be willing to commit your self into it 100% and take one step at time, like I said babysteps are also steps.Be patient with yourself, give yourself some space, and don´t interact with people who doesn´t support you, don´t expect always to be understood . It really doesn´t matter as long as you believe in your own dreams and goals.

Do whatever it takes to be happy that´s why you are here. Stop playing small, play BIG. Everything you don´t do, takes much more energy from you than the things you actually acomplish .

Be proud of your self for no reason your presence is enough, you are enough, we are enough, and please stop living a middle satisfying life between two chairs if you have the feeling of doing so, like I did when you actually can sit on a velvet couch instead.l

Live a life on your conditions and without too many compromise that doesn´t serve you, don´t contend with the second best. it will never be a life you would honour when your time comes to leave this planet I would like us all to say "wauw man,- that was a bloody good ride of a life thank you!"

And before I leave you, I just want to suggest you one more thing,-

Those who know me, knows that I love yoga, one of my favs. are kundalini.

The founder of kundalini yoga Yogi Bhajan said "Put your hand on the top of your head, and bless yourself"

Like I always say,-just do it, you deserve it.

I would so much like to know if you have tried something similar to this ?

Or maybe are you thinking about doing something else with your life a small adjustment or a more drastic change ?

It could be everything,-a new job,- settle down in another town, or maybe something completely different, how do you deal with it?

Tell me about it I would love to hear how you deal with your stuff.

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