things went really good, got contact with man y more people.

(thats why I love internet)

I really love omegle, been there three days strait in 11 hours I think.

Here you get some pics people:

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this is how I looked right before I put my cosplay clothes on. a bit diffrent...​



So I got some Christmas present as I said before. Cuz I am from Sweden we celebrate yesterday (the 24 if December)
I got his outfit, shoes and a wig. The rings I have already but I need to get a eyepatch and linces.

I also got a brown teddy bear that I named Suzuki-San, a gingerbread house, headphones with SnK on, two new shirts. A big board with lots of pics on from Junjou Romantica, Hetalia and SnK. I also got the hole Death note serie in DVD and 300 kr (in dollars, take X 7) and a gift card on the "Kawaii butiken" in Sweden on 250 kr.

I got a gift card on Kicks and ear rings.

It comes some things from my dad soon.



Yeah I got into Omegle yesterday.

It was pretty nice it's christmas so I get my Ciel cosplay I wanted for a year! I miss the eyepatsh and the linces do, my shoes are on they're way.

One person though I was a boy (that I ofc take as a compliment) and I got nice comments for it and some new fb friends. I defenetly going back!





It was a while now. But now I have start 7-grade and it was a lot better then I though, it's so free! No rules or something yey! But my school days have got like one hour longer etch day.. So that means less time for free time.

Anyway, I was at Peppcon when it was, (29-31 august) but I was there only on Saturday with my best friend Julia! ^^
It was really fun. I get to see Jack again, played a game, saw awsome Levi and Eren cosplayer and I saw people from Hetalia! (Yeeeey!!) and got a hug from U.K naaaawwww..
But I both some things to, here you go:

And so another reason why I haven't update, SO MUCH ANIMEEEEE!!
I mean it's a problem for me that I have so much anime I don't have time to watch!! I'm on the 28 episode of Hetalia S 2 and Episode 26 of Death Note, and reading Bleach!

This is my anime/manga list:

Soul eater
Netro pop
Home stuck
Kagamine no asobi
Kuroko no Basket
Ao no Exorcist
Dramatical murder
We without wings
Sword art Online, GunGale online
Hungry Joker
Junjou Romantica
Fairy tail
Ouran highschool host club
Shugo Chara
Angel Beats
Free! Season 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 and OVA No regrets
Kuroshitsuji Season 3 and all OVA

Not in the way I want to see them, but ugh... That's many!!
But I skip Naruto and One piece because I figured out that it's about 417 hours together and, that's a loooot!!

I picked a video today instead, it's from a Hetalia Cosplay and I found it aaaaawsome, but if you haven't seen Hetalia you a) won't understand anything and b) probably think "what tha hell is that for shit I got suggested of?!!!" But well, I like uncommon things so maybe b) will happened even if you have seen Hetalia.

Now time for me to sleep, will out running tomorrow so need some sleep c;
Se ya puppies! <3



Hello everyone!!

Today I'm going to recommend a very good IOS and Android game for the phone.
It's named Summoners war.
I have long looked for a game that it's good to play, like fantasy, fighting, kids game. Like monster galaxy but good for the phone and not just trash.

I found this, actually played by a friend.
Why do I like it?
1. It's no time to build things!
2. You get new characters to fight with often, I mean like, at least a time a day.
3. After a match they don't need to be heal back they stretch so you can go on with them again!
4. It's so long to the power of fighting new stage rum out so it never happened.
5. You can upgrade the character
6. It's good made, not to easy and not to hard
7. It's fantasy, cool
8. It's easy when you learned it
9. It have more options then most of games like that.
10. It's free to download!!

What could be better?
1. It could be less story and talk
2. Less loading in the beginning
3. Not being a online game so you could fight without wifi ore internet
4. You should have easier to get the 3-5 characters
5. It could be easier words so young older kids could play
6. The characters could have got max level higher

What sucks?!
1. The hard difficult is waaaaay to harder then the normal! I mean, come on, you can't clear it even when you get ready to worlds and have 9-11 level characters. And that is the hard on the first world.
2. It could be more worlds
3. It's loading in a half hour the first time you install it! Even with wifi, that's long!!

So it's a reaaaally good game but you should know the bad things to.

It takes like 20-30 minutes when you start the game first time to get progr
ess. No worry!! It start normal the other times! Just to inform you!

So you should try it. Here is some pictures from the game.

This is pictures from the actually game that I have sc
reen shot so it's not pictures from google that makes the game cool.

Download it. It's free so what have you to lose!

Have a great day now! c: bye!




Today is Saturday and I haven't done much at all. I painted my nails in happy colours (tutorial on my Instagram, @cosSsoul)

I eared breakfast at urban deli tody and it tasted sooo good. I got hot chocolate (no I'm not crazy cuz I drink it at summer) with Nutella beside m.m. I mean look!!:

Alsoooo, my tights from EBay that was late:

Has arrived! And I like them veeery much!
And my cape that the Survey corps have on Attack on Titan has arrived to (sadly not my jacket but...)
But now, I going to do what I do every night, be up late, watch YouTube and fall asleep in the middle of a Kik conversation.

So good night puppies!! Hugs from me <3



You will never now what happened to me today! (okey, because you problebly read the start of this you maybe know but anyway, pretend you don't)

I was on We are Sthlm that is a thing in Stockholm (surprise surprise) It was cosplay today and I went there, not so intresting. So I walkt to some other playes, eated, looking around, talking to some people that liked anime. But when we should go home we went by again, looking for some one (don't know who) talking, an we listen (I didn't listen so much) but then I looked around and saw a short (sorry Jack, no effence) person, and I just couldn't stop looking, then he turn hes face to me and I saw it was common. I though maye..? maybe it's Jack? But I didn't know so I checked instagram to se what he as wearing, and it was wearing acaklly (i don't know how to spell english good, sorry)  the same. But I wasen't shore but maybe that was he? I couldn't miss him!

So I went behind him, poked lightly on hes shoulder and asked. "Is your name Jack?" I got a "yeess" back and I was sooooo happy!! When he realise that I was a fan of me he hided a second behind hes friend. (that looked adorable I swear) but said Hi! to me fast and stoped hiding. I was shaking like crap and didn't really know what to do.

He saw that and was like "Aww... Don't shake" We talked (A LOOOT. near a hour) And he was so nice and cute all the time! I took pictures with and of him. My dad needed to take at the begining because I couldn't hold my phone still cuz I shaked that much. (emberassing) I got like nine hugs, lots of pictures, and hes aoutograf, bouth to me and my best friend.

He talked about anime, sebastian, cosplay, Japan m.m. And it was really fun! I get to know new things and ask questions I been wondered aout. 

At the end I got a last hug, I told him that he mean much to me (he huged me again then ^^) and said if I was going at the peppcon (if you click on peppcon you will come to there website) I was welcome to se him again. So I problebly going to get tickets on Saturday to go on Peppcon 2014 and meet Jack again.

So if you see him, don't be afraid to say Hi! He are absolutly in the top 3. kindest people I ever meet!

At lest I want to say sorry for the bad ubdated, this time I have no exuses, I just have been bad at updating. (don't hurt me) Below its some photos on Jack and me and Jack IF you want to take them please ask first. (99& sure I wont say no)

He looks so peasfull here c:

Peeeeeacee! X3

It's looks funny but I love it ^^



More hugs ^///^



Love this face too <3

Noooooow, the video of the day iiiiiiiiisssss:

The make up toturial for Loki Laevatein! Anime: Kamigami No Asobi ! The outfit he was wearing when I meet him.

Now, sleep well puppies!!



Hello little puppies!
Yesterday have I been on my step moms school. (Where she work)
It was fun, I talked to a person from Spain and some others from U.S.A m.m and eat some strawberry and eat "Julbord"
If you don't know is "Julbord" a table with typical Swedish food like meatballs, potato, fish, sausages and "Julmust" that is like coca cola just small different.
In fact we eat nearly the same food at Easter, and summer to, over an over again.
But the reason why I eaten it in the middle of the summer is that it comes, to the school, teenagers all over the world to that in the summer and they teach Swedish and learn about Sweden.
So I went there for a while.

After I went home and my dad order som thins from Shingeki No Kyojin to me. (Shingeki no Kyojin = Attack on Titan)

A jacket from the survey corps with the "Wings of freedom" mark on.

And the cape, from Survey corps to. ^^

The song of the day is going to be the opening 1 from Attack on Titan (because the new opening, I think, sucks)



I got home from Mallorca some days ago (a week. Don't hate me cause I didn't update ~,~")
On my way I watch Attach on Titan (don't know the beam in Japanese) It's a very, veeereery, famous anime. If you don't know what it is, do what the cool kids do and google.

I loooove it! It's awesome! So if you haven't seen it, do it! In Japanese of corse. We bough know every movie that exist is best on the original language.

Anyway I'm home now and I can't believe it, it's 31°c here!! It's warmer then in Spain!! Why is this happen to meeeeeeeeee?....!

But I got a happy surprise when I got home, now have everything (expect my kawaii pink tights) come! ^^ yey! An my dad bought me the two cod playing rings to Ciel to *overload happy*

Other information:

I'm going to change my blog (how it looks) a bit and so. And I'm going to update more.
See ya soon!



The Visdom of the day:

If you're really happy, nothing can let you down

Thanks for looking!