Vanlife 2020

Vanlife Sverige emilia

Hola and hello! It’s been over a year (and a half) since the last update here. We are better at instagram but it’s time to let you know that we’re alive and still living the vanlife.

A lot have happened since last time, both good and bad. 2019 was a strange year on the personal plan and 2020 is, as we all know, a very strange year overall. This pandemic going on is making everything turn upside down, plans is kept on hold and nothing is what we thought it would be.

We are still living in our van, living vanlife in Sweden and longing for adventures around Europe. We decided early that we will stay in lockdown and that we wouldn’t travel around. That we will take our responsibility to not keep spreading this virus and do the best we can to stay healthy.

So, we are still in Sweden. The second wave of covid-19 spreading around the world have made us even more sure about our decision not to travel. We are keeping us updated what’s going on, trying to see as few people as possible and waiting for the world to be a safe place to travel again.

Rädda ett ödehus vanlife Emilia

Luckily we have a project here in Sweden that is keeping us busy. We bought a mansion/farm/big house called ”Näraby” that’s been abandoned for a long time that we are rescuing and renovating. We bought it very cheap, renovating it with only used material and using second hand interior and exteriors (exactly as we did with our van Styrbjörn ) to keep the costs down so we are able to keep living this free lifestyle, the way we want to live, the only life we know ♥️

Vanlife Sverige emilia

We haven’t only been at the mansion working with the house, we have also taken this time to explore the closest area around us. Finding new places and “smultronställen” as we say in Swedish. We’ve got a new sight of vanlife in Sweden this year. We become “home blind” but once we open the eyes and start enjoying what’s near we’ll see it with new eyes. We don’t have to travel half the planet to find a magical waterfall or a nature that makes us breathless. It’s just around the corner from wherever we are, if we just wants to see it.

Vanlife Sverige emilia

We have been adventuring, exploring and enjoying the local places around us the last months and we will keep doing that for a while. Just hoping that the world becomes stable enough for taking a vanlife trip outside our own country soon!

Take care ♥️