To buy an abandoned house

we bought an abandoned house in Sweden and it have been a bit crazy ever since!

As you may know we love to visit abandoned places wherever we go, we are always looking for new cool spots in every country we travel to.

In Italian Liguria the state gives away castles and houses that’s abandoned for free to increase the tourism in small villages. Our first thought was to get one of those in the beautiful Italian riviera... but that might be a project for the future. Instead we desided to find something in Sweden, a base where we can live and work while we are here.

Outside an abandoned building in Germany
So we drove on all the roads in the Swedish countryside that we could find, we posted adds about our search for an abandoned house on Facebook and got a lot of answers and tips and finally we found Näraby.

This house have been abandoned for about 20 years and it needs a lot of work and love. It will take time and energy but we will make it into that lovely home it once was <3

After buying Näraby the swedish media wrote a lot about it, here are some links




And of course some Criticism ;)

And if you want to see more about this abandoned house project, you can check out the website