The Witches of zugarramurdi / witching & bitching

We have been in Biarritz and Bilbao/Mundaka for a while. Our plan was to go down to Portugal on that side but after a few weeks with rain, storm winds and very cold weather we decided to change our plans.
So we once again crossed the Pyrenees to get to the sunny side of Spain, we are going down this side instead and will finally end up I Portugal!

We have been visiting some cool places on the way, one of them is Zugarramurdi that is most know for the witches that once lived there. There is also a Spanish/French film that is recorded here, Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi/witching and bitching from 2013.

Near the center of this small town there is the caves/cuevas of Zugarramurdi, this is the place where it’s said that the witches held their “fiestas del akelarre” and worshiped the devil.

We had a walk inside this big caves where a river crosses inside, it’s called the hells stream or “Infernuko erreka”.

Even with the dark history of this place with a lot of witch trials where women, men and children were tortured and killed it’s a very beautiful place.

A few hundred meters from the caves is a good and interesting museum about the history of Zugurramurdi and the towns witches.

Here is information about all the people that was accused of witchcraft, different rooms that show the history of the town and interesting short movies is shown.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re nearby, not only for the interesting history but also for the beautiful surroundings!