The last days in Italy and its time to move on to the next country on the list - France. We have enjoyed the sunny days here on the "Riviera dei Fiori" in Sanremo and Ospedaletti. It looks like the spring is finally here ❤️

We have spent some lazy days by the van just enjoying the sun, together with some exploration of interesting places around us.

Coffee in the morning...

... and pizza in the evening ;)

Here comes the fun story behind this pizza:
Niklas went to buy this in a pizzeria nearby, he ordered a "margarita" to take away - he got a drink in his hand in a plastic cup...

A bit confused he stood there drinking it thinking that was nice of them giving him a drink just like that, while the people working there were like "😳what is he doing?"

After a few minutes he understood that they thought he wanted the drink "margarita", not a pizza, to take away...

some good laughs both for us and the staff 💜

The pink sunset at Ospedaletti Beach 💗

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