Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and Sara e kali

We ended up in an interesting town called Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. When we first arrived there were those white horses everywhere. A lot of horse ranges and all of them had the white horses, all the way from the countryside in to the small town by the sea.

This is the town that the Romani people do pilgrims to and the reason is a statue and the remains of Sara e Kali (Sara la Kali, Black Sara) which is standing in the church of this town. She is identified as one of the servant of the three Marys, not recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church but they celebrate her every year on may 24. At this time the streets of this town is full of Romani people celebrating their patron saint, they carries the statue down the streets back to the sea to re-enact her arrival to France.

She was said to arrive here after the death of Jesus, together with the three Marys (which the name of the town comes from, Saintes-Maries).

When visiting the church, which until 1912 only Romani people where allowed to visit, there are a lot of other people who wants to see the statue and light a candle.

As this wasn't enough interesting, this town is in a middle of a nature reserve with a lot of pink flamingos.