Vanlife in Europe #wanderlust #gofundme #sweden #adventure #travel

We are back in Sweden. We'll be here for a little while to see our family and friends, get some new equipment (when the economy allows) so that we can start working again. Since the robbery in Spain we have been a bit lost, no income and all the work from the past months is gone... but we don't give up and we will solve this too!

The vanlife here will probably be a bit colder than we are used to down in Spain 😄 Sweden welcomed us with wind and rain, but we know it will be awesome! When it's warm here this country is great!

So, a small reminder: if you want to help us get up on our feet again so we can replace the lost equipment that was stolen in Spain, computers and cameras, so that we can start working again. Check out this link

Thanks to everyone who helped us this far. And soon we'll be on the roads again to explore new cool and mystical places!

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