Soo, we have been looking for a car workshop for hours now. No one seems to have time for us, apparently all of the germans are right now changing their tires. Great timing!
And if they actually do have time for us, our car is to big...

So we decided to take a break and visit a place that we've heard a lot about - Elisabeth sanatorium.
Perfect for our documentary!

elisabeth sanatorium haunted abandoned ghost death

This is an old sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. It was build about a hundred years ago by a man who was a doctor. He named it after his wife - Elisabeth.
A beautiful story until the nazis came, Elisabeth was jewish so the whole family had to escape the country.
The building was still used as a sanatorium until 1994 when it changed location. Since then it have been empty and abandoned.

It says that nowadays it's haunted... i'm not surprised, it was a bit scary but still very beautiful.

elisabeth sanatorium haunted abandoned ghost death

In the entrance, death was walking up the stairs.

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