Balestrino - abandoned ghost town in Italy

Balestrino, in Liguria, the Italian riviera is one of the most mysterious ghost towns of Italy. There is not much information about the history of this town and what happened when it was abandoned.

It's a medieval town from the 11th century and it's located by a village where people live side by side with this ghost town. From a cafe not more than 100 meters from the entrance to the abandoned town you have a great view of the old castle on the highest point, one of few buildings that still looks like its standing. The rest of the small houses and buildings have fallen apart and it sure looks risky to enter the town.

All the entrances is fenced to keep people out, either for the risk of getting things in your head if you enter or are they hiding something else? There is no way in, there are video cameras which monitors every step you take.

It is believed that the main reason the old town was abandoned was because of the earthquakes, in the 19th century there were a number of earthquakes that made the inhabitants to flee. In 1953 the last people left which made Balestrino the ghost town it is today with a mysterious and unknown history.