The way we become succesful

Hey what's up my amazing friends! Today i've had a blast thru out the day!

Today i'm going to project a brand new perspective of life.... that'll blow your mind to the nuts!

Let's say that you want to become an artist...... we tend to always dwell into the doing pattern so called...... read more knowledge.... gain more knowledge.... i need to know how to do this! But guess what? You're missing the biggest piece of your intellectual.... mind when you read other people's glory..... it's your own uniqueness!

Today i'm going to bring up a topic for you just.... to become aware..... that i believe in you! You can do whatever the fuck you want to do in your life! I gurantee you that! but only as long as you're willing to put that extra milestone of work noone else put's in!

there's a formula you need to become aware off! Which is stop searching and start creating!

Gaining knowledge is great, and that's what we get taugth in school to do..... but in reality this doesn't apply as much anymore to our lifes.... Because companies tend to fall over and over.... the work we did before are being taken over by machines!!!!!

So let's say that you get a lisence from university with best grades ever! 50 years ago it would be true that you would.... become succesful and gain a good position in a cooperation business!

But in our world as of today it's the opposite..... people don't care that much anymore about...... grades, what we care about is...... real life experience..... example someone who's been succesful closing over 100 different sales in different business will have a bigger chance of climbing higher in the business evolution chamber than someone who has been reading over 3500 books on how things work.

So my tips and advice are..... you are already enough!

If you have an idea go out and fucking present it like your life depended upon it! Like there's no tommorow......

your mind has this amazing capacity to solve problems on it's own.... if you just would allow ur mind to think without disturbing it with judgemental thougths.

Let me share you a story.... when i was a little kid 7 years old..... i wanted this new playstation game....... I didn't ask my parents to buy it for me...... i started making alot of muffins! tons of them and i priced em for 10-15 S.E.K(Swedish crowns) Each....... once i had about 100 of those..... i went around my neighborn hood and asked if they wanted to buy them!..... to my surprise it became so fameous that my parents..... got compliments.

Anyhow the sticking points to take out from this is.

think win win.......

They won cause they got...... amazing muffins to eat..

I won cause i got my playstation game!

Stop ask urself how to do it and just try! Trying and failing is far better than just trying once!

Hope you enjoyed this hurried topic..... gad i'm hyped whenever i get the chance to offer more of my lifestories with you people!

Today my measurements were.... Breast 104, booty 101, Waist 87. Pictures inc.

Contribute to society!

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Hey what's up.... my fellow friends!

Hey! good to see you once again and welcome back to my journey of destroying my ego.

So let me tell you about my day... first i woke up 07:00 saw a tedtalk... about..... how we human have learned..... our computers to take over our emotional judgement of what is right! For example..... facebook..... you see this cute little... weird kitten which has over a billion in likes and it instantly pops up on anyone's facebook...... Sure.... it has good emotions and offers value of having fun, but then there's this other post that..... is about..... homeless people in another city..... which doesn't really give us any form of happy emotions, this post about the homeless people is something that's critical in our world and we need to become aware over how we can help other human beings to not become.... homeless! That post has lesser likes then the kitten one.... and remains hidden for the rest of the world. The drawbacks from this.... is the question over why have we let our computers take care of our judgemental responsibility over what we should be putting our concerns into.

It's simple to understand... we human are lazy creatures of natures... we want to do the least work necessary to survive..... that's the truth of our reality.....

So back to my day..... we had Japan it was amazing! during lunch i ate with chinese chopsticks like a badass bradpit! Then afterwards i went out on a powerwalk..... which was cold and rainy...... saw a horse on the way i had this thought of just jumping up unto it... in the moment, but nah didn't really feel like.... trespassing into other people's domain.... making up nonsence reasons for not take actions anyhow..... once i came home i read up abit about..... being succesful.... and learned a new idea today..... That there's three patterns.... we identify us with!

Having, Doing, Being!

Some of us identify with our things we have..... other's with the things that they do on a day to day basis! Then there's the third.... were you don't really identify urself..... with anything... you just know that you are succesful! We tend to have a mixture of all three different personality aspects.

So the way to feeling succesful and never ever have a bad day..... kept you waiting huh? (MGS Reference)

It's simple and can't really be explained, it's just something you emotionally recognize..... let's say that in order to feel succesful.... you must have climbed mount everest!

That's the way of doing.... to become happy!

Instead there's a simple way which my friend RSDJulien talks about.....

Why.... chase hapiness.... when you just could simply lower the bar of what makes you feel happy? That way you will feel succesful all the time and can take actions thru ur being when you feel good!

That value there is golden money! Now i aint got anymore time.... it's time to meditate anyhow pictures and waist measurements. 86 Centimeters around the waist. 104 around breast area and 103 around booty.



The power of wanting to Change is only concious

  Hey what's up my friends? I hope you're doing well.... i myself have finally...... gotten thru to my subconcious beliefs again that i'm doing wrong in not..... taking initiatives and actions... anyhow.... the last months been miserable.... from working out 10 times a week to eating junk food for 2 months and only gaming! I know right! i aint blaming myself for it... it shared alot of value to me.... actually, that whatever you do.... you should be okay with it and that was the trap i fell unto.... i became to comfortable.... and gained like 25 pounds of fat.... yuck disgusting i wished i coulda shot a ball into my head for being such a failure anyhow!

What i were going to presentate today is about a topic called subconcious... behaviours.....

Let's say.... that you're a person.... that are lazy... generally lazy and everyone is blaming you.... eventually what happens if you'll become with that reality and will always think that people.... will think you're lazy. One day you get fed up with being lazy.... and start doing something about it which is good! absolutely.... you're concious aware over why you want to change...... but guess what.... your subconcious beliefs will still drag you back..... it's what it has been doing to me constantly....

Let me share you my own story! ever sense i was a little guy 6 years old..... other people always took care of me.... always being a follower of other peoples dream and never my own... cliche story i know.... but anyhow..... i didn't mind following my friends at all.... one day.... when i decided to go against my friends.... cause i thougth their ideals over how a life shoud look like was.... work and party like a rock star during the weekends.... i still love them forever cause they've helped me become the man i'm today..... but once i removed myself from these kind of situations.... guess what? Life became lonely...... my subconcious beliefs are still as of today that i'm a follower and not a leader..... i've always followed people.... even thou conciously i'm aware that if i just project my emotions... i would get positive responds..... and that's what has happened lately.... amazingly alot! but.... my subconcious beliefs are still stronger..... i tend to get these feelings when someone say..... hey..... you're looking sexy.... that they are just messing around with me.... or just fooling..... that's what my subconcious is telling and my concious.... is telling the other way around.... that this women.... who just said hey i really think you are funny..... conciously i'm aware of the fact that people fucking love me for the person i am, but subconciously i'm still a loser!

I know that there's a way to cure our subconcious beliefs and make ourself..... feel like the captain of the football team! The way i'm assuming right now is by taking massive actions from the right being! An mental exercise which i use.... for that before even stepping into anything is... that i try to relax and say whatever word that comes first to my mind for example cowbell versus sword fishes in a rap battle... Scandinavian babes.... sexy porn models, hugh heffner etc..... aka..... what you would say.... without going thru our minds filter into believing what if we say this instead... of that it might be better! anyhow back to my dream goal for now! It might be difficult..... but i want to destroy my ego completly.... and let go of judgements... towards myself! I just have this feeling that i got lots of amazing experiences that i can offer you my friends to become better even as of today! Right now i have this strong feeling that i'll keep on posting up pictures on myself and my progression towards sixpack abs!

reflections over today....

i woke up 07:40 ate breakfast..... went to school... studied..... about society.... read a book..... and responded to alot of questions towards it.... during my time when i read it my mind wandered off to some old child hood experiences... i had when i was 12 age old.... i bicycled to a friend of mine..... and during this bicycle i fell of my bike and started to cry all of a sudden.... i had this body attack in my body and started feeling sad in the presence moment.... i'm not sure what my subconcious mind was trying to tell me there..... later when i ate dinner i made eye contact with a women and felt yet again just sad...... there was no concious reason to behind why i felt this sadness.... it wasn't the kind of sadness that you feel... of not feeling complete..... it was just unconditional sadness... without any reasons..... Crap! i aint got time to reflect.... fully i've gotta meditate 20 minutes before bed!

Seeya lots later!



The difference between 05th june and 23th are remarkable amazing.

yesterday dinner as usually 120 g kidney beans 1 fillet of chicken 300 g spinach.



Hey what's up i tried cooking Quina today and it went fucking shit! extremely shitty... also i'm thinking of... remaking my schedule at bit and remove the 400g cottage cheese i eat at snacks... to have 200 extra kcal, at lunch and dinner... Quinoa has amazing fats and protein, even got amino acids which, helps building muscles. (apparently) didn't know these quinoa had that capacity.... They taste like nuts aswell :D.

Getting ready to whoop some ass in muay thai!

Do your best and adapt to failures, failing = learning curve.

1 avocado 200g cottage cheese + a cup of pure tea.

Lunch 1 fillet of chicken... 50g quinoa 300g spinach

​1 banana 200g cottage cheese



Weight and measurements

Hey good morning people... just came back from my stair//hill interval training..

I ran up and down this mountain 5 times... took me 13:00 minutes.

bloody hell, it was harder than what i had imagined... i thought i had already extreme great condition... But damn man! running up a hill giving it 100% is challenging and i love it! Challenges makes me grow stronger! my plan is to do 3 mornings a week hill interval and run 5km the other 3 so that i do get both sources of training. Enough sh't chatting about my workout.

Measurements as of today! 92,7 cm around waist and weigth! 87,3 gone down from 87,5 yesterday, i can see small progresses now.

I'm gonna switch out my carbs one more time now... from Kidneybeans too, quinoa... Tobad that i didn't google top healthy carbs to eat..... Oh well i know now that quinoa is the best carbs i can eat.

Breakfast 2 dl oats 4,5 dl water, 1,5l water, 3 eggs.

I THRIVE in workout! Do your innerbeast a favour bidding for me! 100 burpees straigth and record ur time doing it!

Time to crap, bye bye :D

​I know that's my computer don't judge



Hey what up....

Wanna get sexy, wanna get strong, want to become a super hero?

There are actually quick fixes... probably not what you have in mind thou.

First of all.... imagine all the minutes your looking at facebook,watching movies,playing computer games. Going out partying etc.....

Just imagine..... the hours you spend chitchatting about useless, unecessary things.... imagine that time if you were working out or maybe the time you sit infront of a computer and trying to develop a stronger characther. refix focus unto the right things!

Your body is your temple and your body keeps it trust within how you treat it...

if your beating yourself sore every-day thru workouts your body will have to adapt in order to become stronger..

Same with if you sit alot your body will adapt to anterior pelvis tilt... This is to increase the comfortness when sitting...

Your body will adapt to everything you choose too do. if you eat shitty food, your body will adapt to feeling unwell.

Your body is the most precios thing there is.... why would you..... want to sacrifice your own birth right?. Your own strength in order to having fun in a world that's full of creative illusion which does not exist for real.

The only thing that's real.... is your own body.

Treat your body to a pride temple and it'll reward you with still being strong and fresh.

Lunch 1 fillet of chicken... 300 g spenach and 113 g Kidney beans.

200g cottage chese and 1 banana. pre workout meal

Dinner 1 fillet of chicken... 300 g spenach and 113 g Kidney beans.

​i slept to much and didn't work out in the morning so i skipped 1 protein whey shake and 200g cottage cheese and 80g avocado. so give or take... i missed out 400 calories....

Weird thing thou... i don't really felt hungry at all b4 dinner.



Jupp, it's true.... it's kind of harsch

Hey what's up i know the title, sounds extremely harsch but it's truthful....

The avarage people in our world... will never get visible abs....

You may ask why?.

Avarage people in our world... still are unaware of what they put into their belly... their blood sugar levels go crazy insane... they don't eat qualified food but they rather think Cheap = More and more = Better... But no when it comes to eating healthy... High qualified food which cost more= Better.... Always Quality of food over quantity!

Just take this for example... a piece of meat.... if someone puts alot of love into it... alot of time.. to cook it. alot of passion... a single piece of meat that took 60 minutes to cook... will always taste better than 12 pieces of food that took... 5 minutes to cook each.

what you've gotta sacrifice, is all sources of Mind-trick yummy food for healthy foods.

Sacrifice... night party life.... planning your... meals accordingly

then planning your workouts

also you've gotta challenge yourself to brink of the death for your muscle tissues.

I myself.... i hang barely with friends anymore.... but i've noticed extremely well performance improvements, since i stopped hanging with friends alot... Example... 4 years ago my weight was 169 kilo... Here's a picture

I'm the guy with white clothes... with thumbs up...

That time... i ate poorly... i ate lots of sandwishes with butter, cheese, butter,cheese, candy,icecrem


I told myself one day... i'll be getting sixpack.... my confidence was a sense of false confidence, i looked myself in the mirror everyday and told myself you're a damn sexy mother fucker! You're almost there...

Started training.... and switched to LCHF... Worked for a while.... dropped down from 169 to 105kg on 5000 calorie consumtion with lots of meats and fat only...

Went to doctor... heard i was near having heart diseases....

Changing my diet to a more balance one.... with carbs,meat,fat. felt more energy... but yet i became tired and tired.. Realised i took to much carbs....

Now today i'm eating hopefully healthy and right. but i'm still far away from having visible abs even after 4 years of working out rougly 6 times a week. now i've added so that i workout 12 times a week and bonus workout of 6 times Hiit, hill interval cardio in the morning. so you could say that i work out 18 times a week + being active and walk around alot.

My breakfast today was 3 eggs 2 dl oats 4 dl water.

Weight 87,5.

92 cm around waist.



i think i've understood what my optimal... Mealtake should be to performance 300%

I skipped the calisthenic part of my workout....

Didn't have the time, after getting my network bankcard.

We did lots of stuffs and man ever sence... i started to tilt forward my hips throu out the day....

I felt incredible power.... i've managed to get a problem with having pelvis tilt... aka when your put sticks out (Sexy as fuck on women)

Tommorow i'll be sprinting up and down a hill. :D.

I can feel that eating healthy food is amazing! Never felt such an amazing power as i do now lmao. i did about 60 burpees without even feeling tired. Just amazing..

Meals for today... Snack b4 lunch. 200g cottage cheese 80 g avocado. and 1 dl whey 80 3 dl water

Lunch 50g wholegrain pasta 300g spenach 1 fillet of chicken.

Pre workout. snack.

1 banan with 200g keso.

Dinner 300g spenach 113 g Kidneybeans and 1 fillet of chicken.

Be the best and own the rest.



Sundays meal and what i did thru out the day

I'm lazy at updating... makes such a huzzle.. to update both yesterdays food and intake.

Anyways let me first update yesterdays... Food intake... thruout the day.

Sunday = Rest days so i remove carbs at lunch and at dinner.. Cause i won't need it.

Breakfast the usual 3 eggs 2 dls oats with 4 dl water. 06:30

10:30 1 avocado and 200 g keso meal.

13:00 Lunch 1 fillet of chicken

16:00 2 bananas, with some musli and oatley milk. ( I learned from here that's way to much carbs... for me... i got a insulin shook and fell asleep for 20 minutes at 17:00) Probably if i had been more active i would hadn't felld asleep probably... But i was lazy... sitting in my chair and just... reading about... Bodyweight excercises and anatomy behind it.

18:30.... 2 wholegrain... bread and 1 filled of chicken with 2 slices of cheese 28% fat and 20 gram butter.

Pictures over my improvements and Breakfast
Stair interval.. 5 times.. 4 minutes. time.
Found a great hill nearby with both chairs and a hill at end.
Start of the hill down under.
End of the hill
Breakfast now.

3 eggs 2 oats and 4,5 dl off water, 3 dl cold water and a bit of fruit, mermalade.

I might not do my calisthenics workout today, cause i need to get my network bank account working :D.

We see if i get there or not, Right now the plan is bumping away immediatly to the bank!

OH BOI, this was a long....... update....
Do your best and forget the rest!