Hey guys!

How are you doing today? I woke up one hour ago after snoozing for two hours. I hate when I wake up this late but since I haven´t started school yet I can pretty much do whatever I want during the day.

Yesterday I went biking with Paul along the beach. It is a beautiful way with view over the sea and a lot of old typical french houses that has been here since the first world war. I didn´t tell you but at the moment I am living in Normandie, Caen but in 10 days I will move to Toulose in the south of France. Anyway here in Caen you can see a lot of traces and monuments from the world wars which I find interesting. It is good to learn about the history of our world and how wrong it can go if you let the wrong people and groups in power.

After bicycling we came back home and Paul who happens to be an excellent french chef. He made creps with cheese, eggs and tomatoes for lunch. It was so good!

In the evening I went for a run and it went better than usually. After dinner was served - soynuggets, spinach and other veggies. And of course afterwards we eat cheese and bread mmmmm...

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One and a half year ago I decided to move from Sweden and since then I have not spent a lot of time home. Beeing away from my family has made me grow as a person but more importantly it has made me realise how important family is. During my childhood I could sometimes be angry or sad when I felt like my parents didn´t listen to me or If they did not let me do what I wanted.

Going from beeing a nervous teenager to becoming an adult has given me a lot more freedom and self awareness. A freedom that my parents also felt when they were young adults. However since I have gained my own freedom I realise how much my parents sacrificed of theirs to give me and my siblings all they could.

When I think about my childhood now it´s with a smile on my face. My dad walking me and my brother to school everyday. My mom stressing from her work to pick me up with her bike just to bring me to the stable where she would proudly and nervously watch me do horse riding for an hour. All of the times my parents have helped me in the middle of the night when I have been on the other side of the world in situations I didn´t know how to fix. All of the phone calls with my mom when I have been sad or confused about what decisions I should take. All of these times and a thousand more my parents have given me their time and love to give me a better life and more freedom. I am so thankful for my life and everything that I have done, and I know that I have been able to do a lot of these things because of my parents.

Thank you mom and dad for everything. I hope and wish that one day I can give it all back to you.



Hello all of you beautiful people out there!

I hope all of you had a nice monday and otherwise it´s just the beginning of the week... it will get better, atleast on friday when you can drink ;) Joke aside you can drink everyday like in France hehe.

Today I started my day with a coffe while I was working on some papers for my apartment and school here, After me and Paul went to Ikea to buy some things for the apartment. And as the swede I am of course we had to eat meatballs.

After we went to the city of Caen to look at an old castle. Paul told me that Caen is called the city of churches. The reason is because when you look from above you can count up to 100 churches and Caen is not even a big city. Caen is the same size as my hometown Malmö.

And here is what I look like today.



Since i just started blogging what better way to start it then to join a challenge. The goal is to blog everyday for 30 days and you have the chance to win an inspiring weekend in Paris. I hope that with this challenge I will improve my writing and develop my blog.



It has now been a week since I left Sweden for the country of bread and cheese. This week has been filled with ups and downs as always when moving abroad. I am living in a french family that has welcomed me with open arms. Most people here don´t speak english so I have tried to learn as many french phrases as possible. During dinner we mix french and english which sometimes turns out to be pretty funny. The language differences can be challenging but I feel like I am growing from it.

Here are some pictures from the past week.

Bisous de France



Hello fellow friends!

Welcome to my blog and my first official post. I got the idea to start blogging a long time ago but never took the time to do it. But it is a new year (not new me though.. hehe) and therefor I will start it of with doing something that I didn´t do in the past years. So here we go!!!

Short description of me:

- Happy most of the time

- Loves singing as loud as possible

- Loves fashion and wearing nice clothes although I usually end up wearing black jeans and an old top.

- I like animals more than people, they never tell you to eat healthier ;)

- I love taking long walks and discussing life and what is happening in the world

- I don´t like coriander but I absolutely love burritos

- I hate people who don´t like cats