Hello Babes, How are you doing?

You know sometimes we all need to get away from our daily routines and give ourselves a little treat, for us breakfast in bed is the ultimate everyday luxury - and no place could make this more special than Cap Ouest. Here you can stay in bed still watching and listening to the ocean over the balcony while enjoying your breakfast - it can't get much better than that!



Do you want the perfect feed but doesn't really have any knowledge in photo editing? Don't worry we got you covered!

We recently released our Travel Fever Lightroom presets that covers all situations. It will provide you with both cold and warm tones depending on what you prefer.

Since the most asked questions on our social medias are "how do you edit your photos" or "what filters do you use" we wanted to make it easy for you guys and therefore we have spent several hours putting these Lightroom presets together. All so that you can get you feed on fleek.

With our, Travel Fever presets you can get your own images looking like they have been shot by the most experienced photographer without spending too much time on it.

We made a unique twist that gives you both a cold toned set and a warmly toned set for the price of just one. This also gives you a great opportunity to test out which style you like the most!

The warm set follows the teal and blue trend used by several famous photographs and influencers worldwide. We see influencers like Jon Olsson or Sam Kolder using this style in their everyday work.

On the other side, we see Instagram stars like Debi Flue turn those warmer tones into pure white. The way the brightness and clarity mix together in this set will definitely make your editing look professional.

What famous editors spent hours on learning we now give you for as little as $19 . So what are you waiting for, get your Instagram feed glowing!

Get our presets HERE

(Use the presets as they are and make small changes for the perfect match with your photos. Also don't be afraid to try them with some grain for the ultimate vintage feeling.)



When first traveling to Mauritius we knew that we had to go visit the south - and it lived up to all expectations.

The thing with south Mauritius is that all the nature is untouched - and you can probably imagine how stunning that is. It is literally like a dream - that never ends. Wherever you look there is beauty, more beauty, and even more beauty. Just driving along the coast is an experience itself, however taking the time to actually stop and take a step out of the car, that's when you realize what life is all about - here are our top 3 places you have to visit in the south.

Roche Qui Pleure. Where should we even start?

This is a place you just have to visit yourself in order to understand how powerful it is. The way the waves crashed into the rocks was unbelievable - and you could even feel the water hitting against your skin as it was blown by the wind as drizzle. The colors you will find here will blow you away, the greens fade into beige where the sand begins and when the beach ends the black cliffs take by and follows by the crystal clear blue water. We were told that this is natures way of saying this is mine and this is yours.

After a few hours hanging by the cliffs, we continued to ride down the main coast seeing beaches on our left and small villages on our right. It's interesting to see the difference from the southern parts of the island compared to the west coast where we are staying. In some how the south feels purer. When we reached Ilot Sancho we had to stop. Here we had a gorgeous small beach divided in half by sand and stones. This is the place where you pull out your blanket, open a bottle of vine - and just sits down to breathe.

Arriving at Maconde' when the sun is about to set is the perfect time to visit this place. The mountain lights up by the sun on one side, while the rest of the mountain stays hidden in the shadows. This creates a reflection to the sea where on one side the water is turquoise from the warmth of the sun and the other side stays cold-toned and blue by the shadow of the mountain. You can park your car and climb up to a beautiful viewpoint, from here you can see the never ending ocean on one side and a wide perspective of Mauritius on the other...And oh if you are lucky and visit on a none cloudy day the sunset will be unbeatable.