Christmas 2019 in Sweden

Logan at I spent christmas at our house in sweden with my family. We had already been there a week earlier with the dog and my parent and sister arrived on the 21st.

We still had a lot to prepare, because you have a big christmas dinner on the 24th in sweden. You prepare the food the days prior to christmas eve, so nobody has to be in the kitchen all day on the 24th.

On the 22nd we made the meatballs and decorated the tree.

On the 23rd Hanna, Logan and I went to the mall to buy christmas presents and when we got back my parents had already put the big ham in the oven. It has to bake for approx. 3 hours. We eat it warm on crispbread with mustard on the 23rd.

Logan putting the potato bake with anchovis in the oven and setting the table with different kinds of schnaps haha

On christmas eve day we woke up, had a nice breakfast, Logan went to the beach to build his fireplace, I watched christmas events on the TV with my dad, everybody just did their own thing kind of.

At 3pm we had a little Fika (coffee and cake) in front of the TV as every year when we celebrate in sweden, because there are different short disney christmas shows on "Kalle Anka".

After that we went to the church and it was beautiful. My parents friend was singing, he had already sang for them in that same church at their wedding 25 years ago <3

In sweden we have a big chrsitmas dinner on the 24th with 4 courses.

1. course: herring in different sauces, boiled eggs, smoked salmon with the BEST sauce, different kinds of bread and of course schnaps.

In sweden you always drink schnaps between the food and sing songs to it haha, it's a lot of fun and happens at every holiday (christmas, easter, in summer when you have lobster parties, midsummer etc.)

2. course: köttbullar (meatballs), sausages, potato bake with anchovis, red beet salad, pickels

3. course: ham, different mustards, bread, red cabbage, green cabbage, brown cabbage

4. course: rice pudding with lots of cream in it and special strawberry jam

As you can see it is a lot of food, we usually eat the same thing on christmas day. People also vary a little bit with the food, but most of it is similar and this is how we do it.

After the first course my dad had to go and get poop bags for the dog haha and of course (as every year) Santa came when dad wasn't home... damn shame. However, Santa was very fun but also weird this christmas (Logan enjoyed it a lot haha). Santa left, my dad came back, we opened all the gifts and continued eating. It was a very nice night.

On christmas day and boxing day we had breakfast together, read our books, went for walks, played games, had a fire at Logans fire place, watched movies and just relaxed. We had great holidays and really enjoyed the slow time.

On the 28th we drove down to Hamburg with my parents, had dinner at my grandmas and then Logan and I took the train to Austria - photos in next post


games and warm eggnogg

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