Cinnamon rolls

Hello, hello,

This week I discovered a very easy new recipe to make: cinnamon rolls 😍 So delicious! I know I shouldn't eat sugar but this time it's okay everyone can have this day they need some sugar !!!! So the recipe is from:@jonandhelena & from @wholesomehedonista on Instagram ! Go check the exact recipe !

I used :
1 Banana
10 tbsp of Flour
2/3 tbsp of Coconut milk

1 tsp of baking powder

Inside :

1 tbsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Sugar

Coconut Oil

Don't forget Caramel on top :

1 tbsp of coconut sugar & Coconut milk cream and pinch of salt

Step 1 : Made the dough, but the Coconut Oil on and after mis cinnamon with sugar and but it on the dough.

Step two : Roll the dough and Cut into 3 parts

Step 3 : Put it in a tall cup and put it in the microwave. And don't forget the Caramel on top !

Step 4 : EAT IT !