Hey you guys! It's Olive and I'm here today to my January wrap up! So this month fleeew fast and I've had tons to do in school. This just hasn't been a good reading month for me, I did read a bit but not as much as I wished for. The thing is that I started reading books but I got bored and quit, this month has just been me procrastinating everything. Before I tell you what I started reading and actually finished reading this month I want to talk a little about February. Specifically my goals for February and what I'm going to do to minimize my procrastination. Soo, because January was such a crappy reading month for me, I'm going to actually prioritize reading. I'm going to start adding reading to my morning and nightly routine. Like, read 25 minutes before breakfast, 35 minutes before going to bed and at my breaks and lunches. I really hope this will make me not procrastinate it as much. I'm also going to read books I ACTUALLY want to read and not force myself to read something just because everyone else has already read it. Like chill, reading is supposed to be fun not a chore!

So that's something I'm trying to do in February!

Now, to my January wrap up! As I said, I didn't finish that many books but I did start reading a few.

The books I actually finished are;

Percy Jackson - The sea of monsters by Rick Riordan. I have written a review on this so go check it out if you want. I liked this a looot. It was great! It's hilarious, it's clever and it's everything I love about YA books!

The next book I read is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban by J.K Rowling. So something I did in January that I'm proud about is finishing this book. I want to finish the whole series this year so I'm on my way there! This book is great, it's so brilliant and fun and has plot twists that's really unexpected. It's just great and I'm happy that I read it!

AND THAT IS IT! I'M NOT EVEN JOKING! These are the books I finished in January. And I'm not happy about it hahah. But here are the books I started reading in January but never finished, or finished in February.

The boy at the top of the mountain by John Boyne. This is a book we read in school for my Swedish class. I started reading it in January but finished it in early February. It's surprisingly good, it's a historical fiction book. It's set before, during and after WW2.

The next book is The Kill Order by James Dashner. I'm currently reading this, I started in January. If you didn't already know, this is one of the prologues to The Maze Runner.

A book I didn't finish is Stephen King's "IT". It was really interesting but I just couldn't get through it, because you know, it's 1300+ pages long! But I'm going to finish it, maybe in the summer or something like that!

Another book I didn't finish is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I'm reading it in English and It's really complicated and hard for me to understand. But I'm going to read it because it's one of my 2018 book goals.

So that is it! Thank you for reading and I goodbye! Love always, Olive. xxx

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Hi lovely people! I've been off for awhile but I'm definitely back this time! Soo today I'm doing another review.
Date I started reading it: 16/1-18

Date I finished it: 6/2-18 (It took so long because I read this for school, I didn't want to finish it too fast)

Title: The boy at the top of the mountain.

Author: John Boyne

Pages: 190

Genre: Historical Fiction, YA

Published: 24 september 2015

Set in: It starts between WW1 and WW2, then during WW2 and the end of it. In Paris and Nazi Germany.

About: So it's about a boy named Pierrot who becomes homeless and moves to a house owned by Adolf Hitler. Hitler takes "good" care of Pierrot and starts manipulating him. Pierrot soon starts acting and talking a lot like a nazi. Hitler's mood shifts to the worse as Germany is loosing the war.
It's a very touching and scary story at the same time.

My thoughts: I thought this book was very good. Yes I read it in swedish and I really hate books written in swedish. I will maybe reread it in english later on. But it was very unique, touching and scary at the same time. It's a nice mix of fiction and history. Two of my favorite things! I recommend this to everyone, especially if you are interested in history! But as I said on my Goodreads review, don't read it in swedish ;)

Characters I liked/loved: I really liked Anshel, who was Pierrot's jewish friend back in Paris. He's so precious and deserves much better. He lost his family but at least he got to do what he loved, write.
I liked aunt Beatrix and Earnst too, they were the good people, the heroes. Even though they didn't manage to stop the war, they were the only people who did try.

Characters I disliked/hated: Adolf Hitler, of obvious reasons.
But also Pierrot at some times, he really changed to the worse. But then he understood what he'd help do.

One word that describes the book: Surprising!

Star rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars

Thank you for reading! Lot's of love /Olive ღ



Hi there! Welcome back to my blog. Soo, I finished Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban a couple of days ago and today I'm going to make a review on it.

Date I started reading it: 2/1-18 (I'm late with this review too)

Date I finished it: I'm going to be completely honest with you, this took me probably 16 days to read, which is pretty crazy. But it took so long because I constantly procrastinated reading it, that's why it took so long to read it.

Title: Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

Author: J.K Rowling

Pages: 468

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Fiction

Published: July 8th 1999

Set in: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 1993, United Kingdom

About: In the beginning of the book Harry learns about a serial killer, Sirius Black, who has broken out from Azkaban. When Harry, Ron and Hermione gets back to Hogwarts things are different, there are Dementors walking around the grounds and the students are nervous that Black will turn up at the school. Harry is not safe, not even within the school walls.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this book, but it was a little slow in my opinion, but that's because I'm so incredibly good at procrastinating things. I love that J.K Rowling writes so unique books every time, all the books has the same concept of Hogwarts, Harry, Hermione and Ron but the plot and the adventures are so unique and different every time. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and exited through the whole book. I would give this 5/5 but because of my procrastination I didn't really get into the book before the very end, which really SUCKS! So the book was absolutely great but the reading of it wasn't, which is 100% my fault, I'll take the blame for it. Exited for the 4th book!!

Characters I liked/loved: Ron Weasley. He's my absolute favorite character in the HP books. I just don't know what it is, he's just so precious and I want to keep him safe. He's also so relatable and funny.

Hermione Granger. She's so brilliant, so smart and just awesome. Sure she's a little bitchy sometimes but I completely understand her for that.

Of course Harry, but just like Percy Jackson, I don't really have a straight opinion on him. Sometimes I hate him, sometimes love him, but I love him more than I hate him hahah.

I also like Hagrid and Lupin. Hagrid is just so precious and Lupin is like the best teacher Hogwarts' ever had.

Characters I dislike/hate: Draco Malfoy, okay I'm going to be honest, I don't hate him but I REALLY don't like him. He's always in the way and he's just so annoying.

Severus Snape. This is obvious because he hates Harry so much. He's so selfish too, that's why he's in Slytherine

There's probably some other characters that I hate or dislike like Peter Pattigrew. But otherwise, I don't really mind the other characters.

One word that describes the book: Brilliant.

Star rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars

Thank you for reading! Lot's of love /Olive ღ



Hi again! I've been away for a while because of school but now I'm back! I've been thinking of doing this review since my last post but haven't found the time to write it. But yes, today I'm doing a review for Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters". One of my new years resolutions kinda is to do reviews on all the books I read this year so here we go. So I finished this book a little while ago, also I think I've read to the 4th Percy Jackson book in the series before but I wanted to reread the series.

Date I started reading it: 1/1-18 (I know, I'm a little late ... hehe)

Finished: 5/1-18

Title: Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters.

Author: Rick Riordan.

Pages: 265

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Adventure, MG

Published: April 1 2006

Set in: Miami, Florida. New York. The Bermuda Triangle, The Atlantic Ocean ~ 2006.

About: It starts with the main character Percy who is having some weird dreams about Grover, his best friend. In his dreams Grover is in big trouble, running from a Cyclops named Polyphemus. Percy and his friend Tyson gets attacked by monsters and has to hurry to the safety of Camp Half-Blood. But everything's not right at the camp, Thalia's tree which is supposed to protect the camp, has been poisoned. Together, Tyson, Percy and their friend Annabeth go on a quest to find Grover and save the camp from dying.

My thoughts: I absolutely love the humor in this book, same goes with the first one. It's so funny in such a clever way witch makes the reading very enjoyable. It's very original and unlike anything I've ever read before. It's weird and witty, in the best kind of way. I think you really need to go into Riordan's books with a open mind and without expectations. As I sad, it's very different from your normal fantasy book, some people would call it childish and maybe it is a little bit. But you know what, the world that Rick Riordan manages to build up and the characters he created are so brilliant that it really doesn't matter how old you are. This book, together with the rest of Riordan's books has something for everyone. The characters are hilarious and relatable, just amazing in every way. Overall a very entertaining book that really opened up my mind for new possibilities and worlds that I've never thought about before.

Characters I loved/liked: Tyson; because he is so selfless and cares so much about his friends and family. He saved Percy multiple times in the book and has such a big and pure heart. He was also really entertaining and cute. I just wanted him to be happy.

Grover; because, let's face it, he is hilarious! I love Grover so much, he is so funny and also very selfless, cares a lot about his friends. So yes, I look forward to following in the next book.

Annabeth; I relate a lot to her actually, she has a similar relation with her parents that I have, or at least had. She is brilliant, extremely smart and we have similar interests. Also, I know that some people would consider her a bitch or really bossy, but I like that. She has personality and she's similar to Hermione Granger and I love that!

Percy; I mean, of course I love Percy, but because he's the main character, I don't want to talk too much about him, but instead focus on the other characters. I don't think it's just me who has a kind of hate/love relationship with a lot of main characters, I mean when you read, the main character is always in your face. And you have to follow their stupid decisions and the stupid things they do sometimes. But then you love them again when they figure something out, but sometimes they're just so slow in the brain. But I love Percy, I just have a lot of things to say about him and I don't want this post to be 20 000 words long.

Characters I hated/disliked: Luke; In case someone hasn't read this book I don't want to tell too much. But if you have read this book , then you know why I strongly dislike Luke. I imagine a rat when I think of him.

Tantalus; So Tantalus was the new director of Camp Half-Blood. He's just ugh, he doesn't care a **** about the campers and if the camp dies or not. He's just in the way and I really don't like him at all.

Polyphemus; this too is pretty obvious, I mean he is kinda one of the "bad guys" in this book and he tries to kill the characters so yes, I don't really like him.

One word to describe the book: Hilarious!

Star rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day/night, hugs/ Olive. ღ



Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I've been thinking about starting a blog or a Youtube channel for a while, but after some thinking I figured that I would never start a Youtube channel. Or, at least not in the near future. And the reason for that is because I'm scared to death that someone I know will find my channel. Because (a) I live in a really small town, I go to a small school and everyone knows everyone. And (b), I have a uncommon name, if someone from where I live where to type in my name, my channel would pop up and everyone would find it. It's not that I'm scared of showing my face on the internet, BUT it's the fact that someone from my school or town would find out about it. That's why I'm here, hiding behind the safety of my screen until next summer, when I will graduate my ninth year in school and move on to the Gymnasium, year (10-12). Then I will be moving to another school and no one will know me or about my channel. But for now, I'm here. And this is a start! SO let me introduce myself properly, I don't wanna mix in too much of my personal life into this blog, I want it to be mainly about books. But maybe I'll make a side blog for my personal life, if anyone would be interested in that. So to the point, today I'm doing the cliché "Get to know me better-tag". Here we go.

Name: Olive is the name I will be referring myself to. That is in fact not my real name, but because I don't want people I know finding out about this blog I feel like a fake name is fine for now. If people actually like my blog and what I write, maybe I will reveal my name in the future, but that's not so likely. I can be like Gossip Girl. (btw have you seen Gossip Girl? It's my guilty pleasure I must say, love it.)

Nicknames: I just go by Olive for now, or O.

Gender: Female.

Sign: Aquarius.

Height: 5'5, which is about 165 cm.

Sexuality: Straight.

Hogwarts house: Rawenclaw or Hufflepuff.

Dream vacation spot: Japan. No doubt, if I could just learn the language overnight and had the money, I would be on my way. I love everything about Japan, the people, the culture, the language, the food, the artstyle, the music, the clothes, everything.

Coffee or tea: Tea. I used to drink coffee, but it never did anything for me, sure I liked it at the time, but I just didn't feel that it was healthy being so addicted to something that isn't completely 100% good for your health. Maybe coffee is good in some health perspectives but, it's also bad in just as many, if not more. Also, I discovered Matcha Tea so I'm good.

When is your birthday?: My birthday is this January, the 25th.

What languages do you speak?: My first language is Finnish, I'm almost fluent in talking it, but I'm not great at writing or reading Finnish. I've lived in Sweden my whole life so yes, would consider myself being fluent in Swedish. As you can read, I know a bit of English as well. I'm absolutely not fluent in it, but I would consider myself pretty good at it. I study German in school, but my teacher is not the best, and I don't learn that much. But I know how to say the basic "Hey, my name is.." and "What's your name?". Not very impressive but still, something. I'm also trying to learn bits of Japanese.

So if anyone would want to know anything else that I didn't include, feel free to type it in the comments or contact me on my tumblr, pinterest, email or Goodreads. Thank's for reading. Love always/ O. xx