Hi again!

When I found out I was going to study in Scotland, I started my economic planning. My favourite thing in the whole wide world may not be to sit down and find economic information, but this was actually exciting. As I was getting closer to my life in Glasgow, I got to make choices about how I wanted my everyday life to be here. For example where to live. My certainty about the choice of accommodation, was very clear, since I knew I wanted to live at the Caledonian Court. I wanted to live on-campus, and reading about the "village within the city", I found what I was looking for. It is not far away from neither the university or the city center. 660 students live here, and I live in a flat with 6 of them. Among them have made friends I am very glad I have met.

School is free in Norway, as you may already know. Why I am taking my education here in Glasgow may sound odd, and since I have to pay £ 7 280 in tuition, it is odd. Either way I am glad I am taking on my education here. And luckily for me I recieve some financial aid form the State Educational Loan Fund (Laanekassen). Actually £ 18 441 in total.

But much of it I have to pay back later in my life. Hopefully that will not be a problem, since I will then be a hardworking journalist. 

I will add a budget here showing the total costs of my life here in the UK, and another budget for the financial aid I recieved from Laanekassen. Maybe it will inspire you to find economic information about your program. 

Since I have bothered you with much economic information and budgets, I wanted to add a photo of me in Glasgow yesterday. You are welcome.



Hi there!

As you probably have realized already, I am studying in the UK. To study and live in another country has been a dream of mine since I was a youth. Studying in Scotland has therefore been a fulfilling and pleasant experience so far.

However, finding out what university to study at was a rather difficult choice, even though I knew I wanted to study Journalism. I wanted to find the best educational program, where I would end up with knowledge and skills equipped for a career as a journalist. Glasgow may not be the capitol of Scotland, but it is the place I ended up studying. And I have to say: I could not be happier. I chose to study at Glasgow Caledonian University, taking a bachelor in Multimedia Journalism. I am taking various of courses, and among them you can find The Business of Social Science, Workplace Culture & Behavior, Media Industries 1., Broadcast and Online Production 1, News Writing & Journalism, Business Research Methods and Skills.

When I am not studying I like to spend time in Glasgow. As I have gotten to know the city, I like to call it the Genuine Glasgow, just because it sounds nice.

www. studyinscotland.org/media/2277/GCAL-Headergraphic-1.jpg