One thing that I really liked with the EF school that I went to is that as a student you either have morning classes or evening classes. That means that you're either off after lunch or start your school day after lunch which results in that you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself and explore the area even on your school days!

I spent most of my time with my roommate and my friends in class. We went on tours through Hollywood, to universal, spent time at the beach, watched the Dodgers play against SF giants and went on road trips to Malibu and Santa Barbara. It was so much fun!

The girls in my class and I at my last day of school!

We had to buy a dussin donuts - because that's what Americans do in movies!

I had so much fun during my time at the EF school and in L.A. I had always dreamed of going there - and it was so much better than I could have ever dreamed of! The city, the friends I made, the things we did, it was all such a great adventure.

My time at the school didn't just improve my english - it gave me so much more confidence. I knew that people could understand my english but I had barely ever used it in real life. It made such a difference to be forced to speak - in front of the class, outside the school, to my friends, to my host family, everywhere! And I am so happy and grateful for the boost that it gave me!

"A summer I'll always remember, with people I'll never forget"

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The year was 2014 and I waved goodbye to everyone at home - ready to try my wings on my own. I was only 19 at the time and didn't know what was awaiting me on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. I spent over a month at the EF international language school in Los Angeles, studying english and exploring the city of my dreams!

Here is the first part of a little throwback with pictures from my time in LA - enjoy:

I lived in a host family in Redondo beach, LA, together with three other students.

This was the view from my room! I remember arriving late at night and waking up with this as a first view of my home for the next weeks.

My roommate Federica and I spent a lot of time together! We had the same schedule at school so we spent almost evert day together - lunching, shopping, went on roadtrips and explored everything that L.A has to offer!

I was obsessed with the tv show The O.C as a teenager and guess what - we lived by the pier where they filmed most of the scenes for the O.C! We just had to have brunch at the same spot as Ryan and Marissa does in the show!

Unfortunately I took almost all of my pictures with a fisheye lens that didn't work too well with my camera - which results in that almost all of my pictures from my time in LA has bad quality. But I have a few great ones and tons of memories from this chapter of my life. Stay tuned for the next part!



When you read this post I will be on my way to Morocco, Africa! Me and Elin decided that we would like to go on a little adventure as we have a week off from work together. I have never been on the African continent and I am so excited to see that part of the world!

Our plan is to take the bus from Marbella to Algeciras, Spain. We will reach Tanger, Morocco by a ferry that departs from the port in Algeciras. As we have arrived in Tanger we have to continue down to Tangier which will be our final destination for the first day. To continue our trip we will travel through Morocco by train and visit Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech before it is time to head back to Marbella and Spain.

We are so excited and a little nervous but cannot wait to start our little interail-trip through Morocco!

Stay tuned for lots of pictures and stories from our journey!



As I have been traveling around the world, seen different places and marked a check next to destinations I have dreamed to visit I have got a craving for new places and new ideas of what will be my next target. In this post I will share my dream destinations and places that I hope I will visit one day!

Kenya or Tanzania!

I have always wanted to go on a real African safari! I love the nature, the wildlife and everything around it. The landscape seems so incredible and I really like the idea of seeing the wild animals that is so far from the ones I am used to in their natural habitat. I haven't put that much research in which of the two places that would fit my preferences the most - but both ones look incredible beautiful and interesting! I cannot imagine what amazing photos that I would be able to shoot in such incredible surroundings!

New Orleans, Lousiana

This neat and interesting city in the southern north America has been on my bucket-list since I first heard about it. I can't even count the amount of times that people have told me that I have to make my way to Louisiana - and I will, some day! The french quarter, burbon street, the cuisine and the Mardi Grass. Even if everything about New Orleans sounds interesting and fun - there is nothing I want to do more than going on a real swamp tour out there! It looks like so much fun!

Banff National Park, Canada

To be honest, pictures like the two above from Banff National Park in Canada is basically everything that pops up in my Instagram feed - and I love it! I would love to go hiking around in the park, go canoeing for a day, watch the incredible views for hours and go camping by some beautiful lake. As mentioned before, I love the nature and I this place seems like the perfect spot for some outdoor activities!

The big island, Hawaii

I didn't want to leave Oahu, Hawaii when I went there a couple of years ago. Hawaii is such an amazing place and I would love to go explore the other islands as well! On top of my list is The big island. Oahu was incredible but I believe that the big island has a more untouched nature and is less touristy - which is exactly what more I would like to see of Hawaii!

Interrail through the United kingdom

Ever since I went to London, a long time ago, I have wished to see what the other countries in the United kingdom has to offer. I would like travel through Scotland, England and Wales with train and end the trip in Ireland. It would be such an amazing trip with big cities and the countryside in every country.

I have so many more places I would love to visit - but these are the top candidates on my bucket-list! Hopefully, one day, I will have visited all of them, but I already know that there will be new destinations added to the list before that happens!

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller"


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As I am trying to develop my photography skills I am offering free photoshoots for those who have serious interest for it. This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to try a photoshoot, need a photographer for events or profile pictures etc and it is a great opportunity for me to get more professional as a photographer and develop my knowledge about it. If this is of your interest - please go check it out and contact me through the website!

And also - Happy Valentines day to everyone out there!



Ever since I was a little kid I had dreamed about trying my wings in a foreign place, move abroad and see what the world has to offer on the other side of the borders of my home-country. The day when my dreams would come true finally arrived on a rainy day in June 2015 and I flew across the Atlantic ocean to see what the next chapter in life would be about. I thought I was prepared to the fullest - but soon enough I realised that you can't really be 100% fully prepared for such an adventure. In this post I will write down 6 things I wish I knew before moving abroad!

1. How alone you can be! I definitely wish I knew how alone you can feel at times, especially in the beginning. I remember the first weeks when everything was completely new - a new country, new routines, no friends, new culture and sometimes you didn't even understand how to do the easiest of things! I am so thankful for that I had such an welcoming and friendly family which made things easier.

- I especially remember one time at the DMV (where you get your American drivers license) where I ended up crying in my car of frustration with a security guard trying to make me feel better. I stood in line for hours only to get to the front desk to show all of my papers and got told that I needed another important document. I went back home, picked up the paper, went back to the hours of waiting in line to get to the front desk to hear that I didn't have enough proof of adress. So there I went back home to pick up a letter from my American bank to show which I later, after standing in this line again, got to know wasn't enough either. I went back to my car, crying because of how bad costumer service and information I got and for how hard everything felt at that time. A security guard saw me leaving and came up to me and told me the kindest of words, helped me with how I would get the last piece of paper and what to do next! By the time I got my statement the DMV had already closed for the day and I ended up going to the same place six (!) times before even getting to do my tests. I definitely felt so lonely and lost at that time!

2. How much I'd miss the Swedish food! I knew that I would miss my favourite meals, the chocolate and the special things. But I didn't know how much I'd miss the normal food, the little things that you don't even appreciate when you have it. Some days I could get crazy cravings for things I don't even like that much. I tried to make my favourite things a couple of times but it was never the same!

3. How hard it is to make new friends! I have never in my life had a hard time to make new friends and create new relationships - but moving abroad have taught me that it isn't as simple when you are not in school, have jobs with co-workers or things where you easily interact with people who share something with you. I am thankful for that my Au pair program organised monthly meetings where all the au pairs in the area met up - it made it easier and especially since everyone were in the same situation. It all comes together sooner or later - you just have to make sure to do something about your situation and be patient!

4. I wish I knew about the cultural differences I would face and the cultural chocks that would hit me! I knew that things would be different but some things are just too different and new and I wish I would have been more prepared for those things. For example how you get treated, how people interact with you and what is ok in other countries that is not where I am from. I have learned a lot from those cultural differences - some that I wish to bring back to my own culture and some that I am glad I grew up without!

5. How much I am capable of and how much I'd grow! I changed so much during my time abroad - and still am! Leaving your safe spot and comfort zone really pushes you to grow. It made me so much more independent, so much braver and made me realise that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Constantly face new things and having to settle into a new place makes you learn so many new things about yourself - and it is so important!

6. How hard it would be to leave! I knew that it would be hard to leave after spending such a long time at one place - but never could I ever imagine how hard it would be! I loved every single bit of my life abroad (and still do!) and leaving everything behind was really hard on me. Friends that became your everything, the host-family who became a second family, your favourite spots, your everyday life, your routines, the place that became your home away from home. I know that is sounds very cliché and surreal but leaving my life abroad was one of the hardest things I have ever done!



We decided to go sightseeing after our trip up to the Rock of Gibraltar. Our first destination was Europa point where from you can see both Spain and Africa, the lighthouse and the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque! It was gorgeous out there. After that we got into the city center and visited the Grand Casemates, Main street and the market place. We stopped for lunch, fish and chips of course, at one of the cosy restaurants in the Grand Casemates and then walked around the the surroundings for hours.

Gibraltar was totally worth a visit and was perfect for a day-trip! There is for sure more things to do around the British territory but we felt like we were done with the sightseeing when we returned home again the same night!

Travel-tips Gibraltar:

* Taking the bus from Marbella (or San Pedro or Estepona) to La Linea is really easy, costs 6 euros and is only about only one hour long ride!

* It's very easy to find and cross the border after getting to La Linea!

* There are great public transportation options once you cross the border and it takes you to all the sightseeing spots easily!

* It's possible to pay with euros even after crossing the borders to Gibraltar.

* Have fun and enjoy some British delicacies while you can!



It was Tuesday and me and my friend Elin felt like going on a little daytrip - so we decided to take the bus down to Gibraltar for the day! It was an easy and quick ride down to La Linea, which is the Spanish city next to the Brittish territory, and it was incredibly easy to cross the border!

We spent the whole day sightseeing, eating British delicacies and made the most out of our little Tuesday-adventure! This is the first part of our Gibraltar trip: A lot of pictures from the Rock of Gibraltar.

We took the cablecar up to the top of the rock, walked around and admired the great view and watched some of the Barbary macaques monkeys play around in their natural habitat. It was definitely worth the 20 euros to get up there even though it was a freezing couple of hours!



A lot have happened lately! I got home from Tenerife and my best childhood friend moved down to Marbella from Sweden to spend three months with me! We have so many things planned and having someone to share all the new experiences and everyday adventures with will be a lot of fun.

We work at the same job and after finishing a couple of hours of work in Estepona we decided to walk around and explore the city. I love Estepona - all the small and neat restaurants and cafés, the streets filled with flowers hanging on the walls and the beach. It's so beautiful!

We explored for hours, took endless of pictures, found a cute little french café that served delicious crêpes and took a walk by the beach. It was a really good day!



Then the last day on this island arrived and two fun weeks was about to end. And what is a better way to end a vacation than walking down to the beach to watch the sunset? There is something so beautiful about watching the day turn into night and to see the last bit of daylight fade in the horizon. I love it!

It has been two very fun weeks at the island and I'm truly grateful that I got the chance to come here for work! It's been an adventure and even though I have missed Marbella at times I have appreciated every minute spent on this island!