So during the whole autumn I worked on my first pas de deux from ballet Swan Lake and Raymonda variation which should be my audition video. I practiced a lot and actually didn’t have enough time for other thing. Finally I didn’t notice when my point shoes have become too soft and one unhappy day a toenail on my right foot has become injured. It was like a catastrophe. I couldn’t stay on point even more it made pain to wear usual shoes on the foot. I could do only usual ballet class and only simple jumps.

After a week it became much better and I could begin dance on point again but I knew that I would loose toenail soon. It’s impossible to dance on point without toenail and I had to save it untill both variations were done. So I bought a lot of special things like supporting belt for toe and elastic patch. It took much more time to take on all this things and point shoes than usual and every time I was late to first exercise on point.

I worked on both variations with great pleasure. Pas de deux variation was something new for me. It needed a lot of artistic and caracter in dans and interplay with a dance partner. It was difficult for me to be artistic and keep good technic quality. I was so concentrated on dance technic that often fogot to play emotions and caracter of my Odettas role and forgot to interplay with my dance partner. I had no idea about how I could become better in it. One day I saw on Youtube video lessons for actors about how to play emotions on the stage. They gave a few useful and simple advices and then I practiced on it at home in front of the mirrow. It became better but not enough because it was still difficult to interplay in duo. Before one of the classes I told about it to my dance partner and got to know that he had studied at drama school and could help me.

It was very interesting and exiting to work together. I got new experience and new point of view about how to dance. I have learned myself to help each other to become better and together improve our dance skills. I hope we will dance a pas de deux one more time.

To work on my Raymonda variation was intresting too. This variation wasn’t new for me but this time we decided to do more difficult technical things with releve on one foot, piroetts and a faster tempo. Fast tempo was the most difficult and I practiced a lot before I could do it. Intresting thing was how I felt my movement when I danced and how I actually looked like. I did a video to see myself dancing. When I danced I felt that I moved very fast but when I saw myself on video I understood that I actually moved very slowly. My teacher told about it to me very often but I really couldn’t correct myself. I began to move faster only after I saw myself on the video. Now I often film when I’m dancing because it helps me to realize better my teacher’s corrections and improve myself.

Soon it would be time to perfom pas de deux and send to jury my auditions video.



At the begining of last Autumn I felt that it was time to dosomthing great and important in my dancing life and to set a new goal for nextyear. It wasn´t a new idea to take a part in ballet competition but it wasfirst time when I really decided to do it.

One year early I had tried to find a ballet competition whereI could paticipate but every competition which I had found at that time had agelimit ”upp to 25 years old”.

But this time I had a luck! I checked a lot of web sitesabout ballet competitions and at least I have found a one with no age limitsand where everyone was welcome to try. It meant that I had a chance! I toldabout it to my teacher and she sad that it was a good idea and that I shouldtry. I was very happy and began to study what I needed to do to complete a registrationform.

The most important and difficult was to prepare an auditionvideo because I didn´t actually know what kind of video should it be. Under a fewweeks I filmed my barre exersices and jumps kombination under ballet classes butit wasn´t enough for an audition video. All my thougts was about this video andI couldn´t focus on my class work and improving of my ballet technique. Afterabout one month my fanstastik theacher Margarita suggested to prerare and film aRaymonda variation. I had already danced it for 2 years ago and that why Ithought that it should easy to do. Finally I could get rid of filming in classand focused on working with my ballet technique.

At the same time when I was prepareing the variation toaudition I worked on my first pas de deux dance from the ballet Swan Lake. Both equally important work should beprepared before Cristmas…



Hello and welcome to my blogg about dance, life and how dreams can change the life !

My name is Olga. At the age of 23 after my graduation at the University of Economy and Finance I decided to become a ballet dancer. Many of you can think that it was a little bit too late to start a ballerina career at the age of 23. However after years of hard work, dance education and thousands of hours at studio I began to dance on the stage and take a part in different dance events.

I just waked up one morning and understood that I could`t be happy without ballet. Since that moment my dream to become a ballet dancer adds a new color to everyday life. Everything is possible! Dare to dream!

In this blogg I would like to tell you about my journey from the first steps in dance studio to my first international dance competition, about my fantastiks teachers, my family and friends who support me every day on my way.

Let´s start! :)

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