Preggo week 28 in pictures

Yallo dear friends,

Pregnancy week 28 was spent in my home town Malmo where I lived from age five to twenty. It’s been a very relaxed week including lots of headaches, so I’ve allowed myself to not upload anything here or doing anything that requires brain activity in general. Babushka was very happy with touching and talking to the belly (she’s blind so for her touching is the only way of seeing) and she also said that she was the one who ordered a boy. Babushka happy – check!

Mum’s the best cook and she couldn’t resist spoiling us with all that tasty stuff (although she’s injured after a bike accident, wearing plaster and crutches). Who can resist freshly made waffles for breakfast!

The weather was not awesome but we got a couple of days of sunlight which we spent in the city center and by the sea. I’ve forgotten how much difference the sea makes to the city atmosphere, it’s fresh (which is great) and windy (not so great)

For swedes this might sound weird, but I’ve been craving for a real red Polse hotdog with Danish ketchup and mustard. There’s something in the ketchup that makes it absolutely amazing and I can’t figure out what it is. Maybe breadcrumbs?

...And another culinary must-do when in Malmo – The Crispy Beef at Lemongrass. It’s AMAZING and can’t be found anywhere else (but Asia I guess)

Then the headache started and lasted for three days. The weather sucked as well so I snuggled up with some books and hung out with my Babushka.

Those of you who know me know that I’m a bad sleeper, so I’ve invested in multiple sleeping masks to make sure I can nap during the days without the light disturbing. A bit manic I would say, but it worked for the headache :). These ones are from H&M and Zara Home

My little sister and I got to spend some time as well, here we are outside Kevin Hart’s performance at Malmo Arena

On Monday me and my husband went to our student city Lund for lunch at Stortorget. Lots of memories came back as we strolled around the city. I spent 4,5 years here being fully immersed into the student life and couldn’t imagine that I would leave this place for adulthood

I was still feeling a bit weird yesterday too so Fred an I went to Copenhagen for some shopping and lunch at Hotel l’Angleterre – turned out to be a good cure. And nope, the beef tartare was not for me. Can't wait to have one!

Now on the train heading back to Stockholm for a couple of days and then the vacay is over. I have never zoomed out this much form work before, maybe this is what they call a pregnancy brain? Well, I don't mind having one in that case, haha