Bank Hotel Stockholm review

For our last trip to Stockholm we decided to spice things up and try the newly opened Bank Hotel in Stockholm. It’s a boutique hotel in a former bank office located on Arsenalgatan just next to Bukowskis. The interior The general interior design is …


Preggo week 28 in pictures

Yallo dear friends, Pregnancy week 28 was spent in my home town Malmo where I lived from age five to twenty. It’s been a very relaxed week including lots of headaches, so I’ve allowed myself to not upload anything here or doing anything that require…


24 hours in Vilnius

Just came back from Vilnius where I spent the last 24 hours. Must say I was positively surprised - lots of nice restaurants and cafes, friendly people and the architecture reminded me of Lund, the university town where I studied. ~ Только что вернул…