The day pyjama I currently live in

I’ve got a lot of questions about where I got this day-pyjamas after posting on Stories yesterday. I found it at Illum in Copenhagen and the brand is Scotch & Soda, a dutch brand with really cool stuff that are not to pricy! They have stores in …


It’s a boy! But does it matter?

So as the title indicates, we are having a boy in mid-November! (Русский н��же) We’ve actually known the sex since week 9 of pregnancy, so we’ve had quite some time to acquaint ourselves with this fact. As I’ve been trying to get pregnant through IVF…


Pink silk dress

Yallo my fellow beauties! Thank you for your kind words and tips with regards to yesterday's post about my fear of childbirth. I will try to incorporate it all in my birthplan! There's something with maternity clothes that I dislike. Maybe the fact …