How many % of you in your life?

So this is what a normal working day may look like at Oriflame. Or at least if you work with this team, haha This fall we've launched the campaign called "100 YOU", where we ask women all over CIS how many % of themselves they have in their life. We…


How to make an intention board

(Русский ниже) I’ve been doing “intention boards” since April and must say it has helped a lot. You don’t have to share it on your social media if you're more of a private person (although sharing motivates me to actually follow them), but it makes …


Yoga with cat

One of two yoga corners at home I like it to be airy and light around me when practicing and of course Astrid is a mandatory participant. I guess all cat owners that practice yoga at home face this little issue - the cat wants to be ON the mat exact…