Damn Insomnia

Today is the first night with sufficient sleep in the last five days I haven't complained much about the pregnancy, having no physical trouble, but this insomnia is killing me! I can't get grip of what actually causes it - is it the hormones and the…


Baby clothes are scary

I’ve found a new insight about myself - I'm not enjoying baby clothes shopping. Given my personal interest for fashion and shopping I thought I would become one of those mums-to-be that would go bankrupt on buying the whole baby department at TSUM b…


Can we stay truly authentic?

Русский ниже! The bump road show started off in Jurmala, Latvia, where my dad, step-mother and little sister live. I moved from Latvia to Sweden with my mum when I was six, but I spent every childhood summer in Jurmala so coming here is a bit like r…