Baby Room Interior

Things are starting to seem pretty real now! First part of the baby’s room is done and walking in here is such a weird feeling, in a good way. I have never before shopped this much for a person I’ve never met, haha. I’m still struggling to find some…


Textures and earthy materials

Soo.. the nesting has started! My brain is so obsessed with textures and natural materials at this moment so that's what the nesting is about. I've bought several unnecessary items to make our home more cozy and at least the cat seems to like it, ha…


Pregnancy week 35

It's getting close! How's mum? I'm still feeling quite well and have loads of energy. I've started to do swimming instead of the gym as my Braxton Hicks increased quite a lot from the gym exercise. Magne B6 also helps relaxing the muscles so I'm tak…