The 5 best restaurants in Moscow you have to visit

(Русский ниже) The restaurant scene is changing quite fast in Moscow at the moment, the old days of expensive and boring menus accompanied by expensive and weird interior are almost gone. Many people are now demanding interesting and tasty food at m…


Best friend in Moscow

(Русский ниже!) Phew, what a week! I’m certainly feeling the limits of my energy supply now that I’m carrying a little human with me everywhere I go. During a normal work day I don’t feel much difference, I manage to work and then even hit the gym w…


Black is back

Blazer - Gucci // Flare trousers - H&M // Bag - YSL // Pumps - Jimmy Choo Some days it's quite liberating to go all black and look like you're about to land the biggest business deal of the century. I love these flare trousers from H&M as th…