My pregnancy workout routine

Five Finger Toes shoes - Vibrant Staying in good shape has always been important to me and now that I'm pregnant it's even more important. I want to be as prepared for delivery and post-partum as possible, knowing it's a challenging time for most ne…


Pregnancy week 20 and Kegel muscles

20 weeks (Русский ниже) Halfway through the pregnancy! The baby is the size of a Belgian endive/axolotl/banana, depending on which pregnancy app to trust. I have three apps that keep me updated of what’s going on in the little bump, plus they feed m…


Yoga with cat

One of two yoga corners at home I like it to be airy and light around me when practicing and of course Astrid is a mandatory participant. I guess all cat owners that practice yoga at home face this little issue - the cat wants to be ON the mat exact…