Baby Room Interior

Things are starting to seem pretty real now! First part of the baby’s room is done and walking in here is such a weird feeling, in a good way. I have never before shopped this much for a person I’ve never met, haha.

I’m still struggling to find some minimalistic mobile details, knowing that the colors I’m looking for are not really what the baby might find interesting and developing 🙈 But, I’m not giving up, I have some DIY ideas of how to solve this important mater.

We finally went for the Stokke Home solution. The crib is transformable and should serve us for at least five years (if our son stays within the average growth curve, but given my husband’s length I’d give it four years). The crib looks like a little house on which one can add details like a textile roof and walls. There’s also a mini-crib that can be added to the main crib and a diaper station that can be both used on the crib (as in the pictures) but it also fits the commode. The diaper station and the mini-crib can later be transformed into a playing table when the little one becomes a toddler. I really like the long term thinking of this brand and that all parts can be utilised for several needs and years.

What do you think about it?