My Boho Shower/Blessingway in Moscow

So last weekend I had my second Blessingway (which is like a Baby Shower but more bohemian and a bit spiritual) here in Moscow. My beautiful girl friends gathered to celebrate motherhood, eat vegetarian-mexican food and have some champagne in the mi…



Hi guys, I need your help! I've been running this blog for three months now and it's been so much fun. I really enjoy creating content and sharing my thoughts and Moscow life with you. But I've come to a point where I want to make this platform even…


Textures and earthy materials

Soo.. the nesting has started! My brain is so obsessed with textures and natural materials at this moment so that's what the nesting is about. I've bought several unnecessary items to make our home more cozy and at least the cat seems to like it, ha…