We were making a salad in cooking class, and I shared kichen with my friend.
As I had just cut some onion, I stood still, with the knife in my hand. I didn't realize that I had actually put the blade to my thumb. My friend was making some sort of dressing, and just as I, as in trance, was about to cut my thumb, my friend looked up. She looked at me, then the knife, and back at me, and she said;
"No, no, don't cut yourself" and took the knife from me.
I laughed it off, I don't know if she realized what I was really doing, I don't even know if I knew what I was doing, but I think about it alot. I didn't expect her to care. It was totally unexpected to me.
I wonder if she thinks she saved me. She did, that one time. But It won't happen again. Will it?