Welcome everyone, thanks for visiting! This is my new blog site, dedicated to reviewing and telling you all about the amazing fashion and beauty products I use and love in my everyday life. As a known model on Instagram, I sponsor and try many new different products, and frequently get asked questions about where they come from, if they work, how they work, how expensive, etc. With the amount of questions and feedback I get within a day on my multiple accounts, it's difficult to answer everyone back individually, and sometimes my public posts are not seen by everyone.

This is my second blog, my first one is featured on my official website, where you can email me directly with any questions, concerns, or just to chat! This blog will pertain to my international audience, those who might not be able to access my website or other official accounts.

For a list of my official accounts, still active or semi-active to this day, check at the bottom of this post.

Thank you again for visiting my blog! Feel free to email or message me any questions you have, and suggestions of blogs you want to see posted, I am open to any suggestions and ideas. You can find a list of ways to contact me in my About Me blog post

Aspen Mansfield


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All other accounts are fake, role playing accounts included.