2 Faced People Be Like. . . . .

1: Turn the table : yh remember how i was always there for you, doing this that and this is how you gonna do me!

Answer 1: Uhm well it's  not a competition about who's done most!
It's  a choice  of giving out of respect and love in the friendship fool!

2 Faced People Be Like 2:

You owe  me this and that and all of it back to me, for me even taking my time for you waisting it on YOU....

Answer 2: 😂😂 smh really!!!😂😂😂
I don't  owe you Nu hyyyyn comprendo! !
I've  been me with you to you and spoke my truth on you, how you gon make it all about you, oh....

I see uhm you are insecure  about yourself and didn't  wasn't  really there for me, you just wanted to get what YOU needed to feel good in your life!

I have NO time to entertaine you when im busy enough to entertain and push  me , closer to my dreams /goals and destination! 

That's  not being selfish  it's  called taking responsability for my HAPPINESS AND GREATNESS in this LIFE!😆😇😘😙

SO please you wanna hate  keep hating im to busy loving and sharing giving and motivating  inspire  and BE MY BEAUTIFUL SELF!!!❤❤💪✌😆🙏


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wawawiwa. ..

Hi hello oi Hej. ..😂😃
Been a while stalkers🙈🙉🙊  none  friends  and true real beautiful friends❤💖🙏

Busy life😆

Im very bad at blogging  i edmit  it...😩

But when i do i got alot to share with ya'll...

So this samba carnival  is up next and of course my brasilian  self is gonna be in it with my little 1🍼🐯

Fixing my hair the day before as well so i can rock on even better#fromnofrotobraidson.

Life is defenetly  blessing me alot now and i am  so greatful  humbled & thankful, for what i allow  myself to be blessed with through God!🙏

Soon back to work work work work woooorrr😂😎

New episodes  i wish ya'll could see into what's going on in my life, but I also like to keep it lowkey.

What ya'll don't  know wont kill ya'll  nosy  ass ppl some of ya'll are snakes. .. 😂

But im goood  i do me✌.

Life is a journey a roller  coaster  ride among  mountins 😆😨

1 ❤



In swedish! #nomeansno
Ett Nej Är Ett Nej killar dags för er att ta ert  ansvar och respektera när en tjej/kvinna avvisar er, och inte t.ex vill att ni tar på henne,rör på henne eller gör försök till att få henne i säng.

Oavsett vad hon har på sig, om hon är full eller är på väg hem från en familjekväll!!! Jag delar detta för vi behöver er REAL MEN att STAND UP FOR US i vått och torrt, så som vi bra kvinnor står upp för er!
Kärlek till underbara Josef som räddat en kvinna ifrån att bli VÅLDTAGEN!  MÄN som dig behöver vi fler av  all kärlek 1 love❤❤❤💪👑



Sorry  Pepz  it's been a while  im a buuuuusy  lady  that's  the way it is!

Ppl always seem to finde it hard to reach me cause im always on the GOOO!!😂

So i have this uniqueness  im simple but dislike bullshit!

I wont  tell you when you are wrong you'll know when im GONE!

I forgive once and if I Like love believe in you, is when you'll get that second chance.

But that's  only if I Think you are awesometastic 😍😎

Ya'll can say whatever but im the only one who knows the REAL TRUTH ABOUT MYSELF😘😘😘AND GOD🙏

Busy week with lots of Boring to doooos. 

Life is beautiful my mindset is even better and my love n soul is pure  peace ya'll✌❤



Hi Darls. ..😎😛

Woooow life is amazingly  crazy beautiful n fun 😂👏

I've done to many things lately.

My B-Day passed and i celebrated  myself in prague  n Berlin, with two friends of mine😎👌

We went with steina  Line the (boat) then by car,  so we couldn't  miss out on all the fun parts.

Ofcourse  my baby girl was with me she is the better half of me, mommy loves you more then life itself.

I'm so honored  to be your mom and dad!
Such a blessing to watch you grow my angel🙏

I loved prague more then Berlin.

But it was amazing to see the rest of Berlin Wall there was alot of messages painted on them as ya'll can see!👌👏

Beautiful but sad rest in peace to all the lost humans.🙏❤

Ppl was so Boring  n stiff  in Berlin except  for 1 man we met at the first hostel,  we stayed at.

He was mad funny he said please, have at least one more beautiful child 😂

I told him i will with time😎😍

I somehow  always ending up meeting  GREAT PEOPLES  every where i GO🙏❤❤❤

It's  all LOOOOVE! !!

We went to a restaurant in Prague and 10 minutes  later my baby girl had all of the staffs  attention,  it's  such a unique blessing to have a blessed beautiful daughter like her🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

I3 persons giving her so much love and great  energies  wooooow.

I'm proud to be your mada  (momanddad).🙏🙏

Life is my coach struggles  is my guides  in life.

Lessons lurned prayers heard God is Good🙏

My weekend was awesometastic ✌



It's been a weird day met some old ans gold friends school mates,  and some misunderstandings, i hate when it happens cause as a person i'm all about respect peace and love✌❤

But somehow  people  like to start drama for nothing.

I'm a social person my parents  taught  me how to socialise,  but alot of people feel offended, and looks at it as a way for me to come for their bf or gf, or try to brake  up a happy home.

First of all No!
Second of all stop hating  so much, all women aint b***s, and we do love our sisters color doesn't  matter.

Just know that a real woman/lady  have self knowledge  and self respect,  if i see a sister happy with a life partner i'm happy for her not trying  to ruin for her.

I love when adaults can act up and talk things out, theirfor i appreciate today!

Devil you wont have me where you want me cause as bad as you may like it im in the light of God amen❤❤❤💪

Peace Out



Hi Loves i found a explaining link on youtube, on what an  indigo child or adault  is!😃🙌

So watch it and share with me what your take on  the video is, mabye some  indigo children /adaults  are here say hi😍👋

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/SL5Rd3Bnxms

I know  now who i am and they checked  me on add/adhd  but ut turned  out that im different, because i am an indigo/adault  and was an indigo child.

God is amazing and i am so greatful for my blessings in this beautiful life ❤




Hi my Loves.

Im sick of people talking about being like eveeybody  elles, well i tell you this....

Im not like everyone  elles God created  me and made me stand out.

I also got to know myself better and i havn't  always  loved myself before.

But as i reconnected  with God on a higher  level, i gave myself a second chance to love myself  by soul, spirit,mind and heart.

Prayers really works it makes wonders,  i am si greatful to God for all my blessings.

What i found out is that i am an Indigo Child.

I always knew i was ment to heal good people, in the way of me being myself.

People  always come to me with all kinds  of issues.

And sometimes  i feel like nooo what about my own problems 😂😴

But then to give back to my people is even better and makes me grow wiser  and happier.

I'll put up some readings  for ya'll later on to know what an indigo child really is and how to recognize  one.

God bless ya'll and big LOVE❤