Travel Outfit // OOTD - what to wear when travelling

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do, especially when I get to fly to another country instead of driving, which doesn’t occur that often, since I am living in Europe now. The feeling of checking in at the airport, not being able to wait to be in the air, then boarding the plane. And then, once in the plane, not being able to wait to get off it, to the next destination! The struggle is real (haha).

So part of travelling for me are what clothes I wear. Every time I travel I plan my outfit the night before, choosing something comfy but at the same time stylish (or at least trying to be). That is why I have some tips for you, I have learnt so far, about what to wear whilst traveling and one outfit I put together for myself on my last trip. And of course lots of pictures!

tip #1 layer layer layer

my first tip is layering! I cannot stress this enough. Maybe your coming from a country in summer with 30C plus and then flying to a country on the other side of the globe where it’s winter and it’s negative something degrees there. But also just on a plane it can get very very cold, trust me from experience. So one example of things you could wear would be a plain tee or cami, with a cardigan and ontop a bigger jacket, like a thin parker or jeans jacket.

tip #2 keep the colours simple

this brings me to my second tip: keep the colours simple. By this I mean, since you will have lots of layers, going experimentive on colours won’t necessarily go to your favour. Rather wear lots of blacks, greys and whites for example, so that when layering your outfit looks put together.

tip #3 bring a scarf

- preferably a big scarf. This can be your touch of colour. A scarf is part of the ‘layering idea’, so that when you're cold, you can wrap it around your neck or even use it as a blanket.

tip #4 okay, you can wear your couch pants

wear comfy pants! Yoga pants, Gym pants, sweat pants, leggings,….these will make you feel so much more relaxed than a pair of tight skinny jeans. Remember you will likely be sitting in these pants for hours, so you’ll be super grateful when you have a pair of comfy pants on. If they have a plain simple colour, they will perfectly match your outfit!

tip #5 bralette instead of uncomfy bra

not many words needed. You know what I mean. Just wear the bralette, it’s 1000 million more times comfortable and so much more cuter.

tip #6 hair tie

my last tip - don't forget a hair tie! A girl always can use a hair tie. Maybe because your hot and want to tie your hair up or because your hair is gross from all the travelling. Either way, don’t forget this essential.

Now here are some pictures of my airport OOTD.

This outfit was put together quickly, and I was on my way home from Spain, so I didn't have many clean clothes left.

The majority of the pieces I'm wearing are from H&M, since I was just in Spain and bought lots of clothing items from there, love that shop btw. So I combined black sport leggings with a plain black tee, a basic black cardigan and my everyday nikes. For my jacket, I have a khaki parker, the exact link is down below. For most items I couldn't find the exact ones, maybe cause bought in different countries... Either way I linked similar items below. To finish of the look I just used my everyday accessories such as my watch, earrings and a simple gold necklace.

plain black tee // h&m

sport leggings // h&m

black cardigan // h&m

nike shoes

khaki parker // stradivariusähern-c1020055523p300073537.html?colorId=550

I hope that you could take some tips with you were inspired for your next travelling experience to find a stylish and comfortable outfit. Have a wonderful day, beautiful!

love, claudia x

With love, Claudia x



Such a great post idea! 👌 And, totally agree on the point on comft pants. Haha.
thanks frida x yess, what would we do without them 😉