Hello There, Here's My Life Update :)

Hey love, its been a while! And I know I start every blog post with that phrase, but it really has been a while since I sat down and wrote my thoughts and uploaded them to this blog. There's lots on my mind lately, since the next year will be crazyy. As in soo many changes, new things and just life in general. Honestly I don't know where to start. So sorry if this post does not make sense. But, if you are interested in knowing what exactly is going on in my life then please, do continue reading :)

Summer is over and Autumn is slowly creeping in. Sad story since Summer is my absolute favourite season! I love the sun on my face, salt in my hair, tan lines and the carefree spirit that comes when summer is here. This summer was CRAZY. Literally. I can say that I grew soo much as a person in just a couple months. At the beginning of the summer I was a leader at a Christian Kids Camp. That was a blast and I got to spend an amazing week with friends of mine (other leaders) and teach the kids about Jesus, their Saviour and do lots of fun activities. After that week I got home and a couple days later we were off on our family holiday to Spain. We drove from Austria (home) to Spain with our car. It's a 16 hour drive. So instead of driving there in one go we stayed in a few cities on the way there and back. On the way there, we stayed in (I don't even know if I remember them all) Montpellier and Strasbourg. And on the way back (which took a little longer) we visited two new countries; Andorra and Monaco and then some other cities; Milan, St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice. We were travelling for 2 weeks straight and as much as I enjoyed the time (at the beach EVERYDAY) I was happy to be home and sleep in my v cozy bed.

In Spain we stayed in an apartment in a beach town called Ampolla. Ampolla is about a 2 hour drive from Barcelona. We had a relaxing week there and I enjoyed speaking a little Spanish, tanning at the beach and eating Paella and Calamari and drinking Sangria. (Although my sis ordered a Mojito and that tasted better than my Sangria..?) Spain is honestly one of my favourite places to be. I dream of having my own apartment there by the beach I can visit during the summer on day!

On a sadder note, one day my sister and I took the train to Barcelona and we had an incredible day there. That city felt a lot like Sydney to me, because of the city and beach feels. I fell in love. This sound all good, but when we were there my bag was stolen with my phone, camera, glasses, books and a ton of other stuff in it. It sucked a lot at the time. Especially because it finished our beautiful day with a disaster. Two underaged girls in a foreign city whose stuff just got stolen. But we got back home safely and I had a Barcelona experience I would never forget haha! Trust me it sucked a lot that my stuff was stolen. No camera = no youtube videos. But I know that with this experience I have learnt a lot. I think God was teaching me a lesson by letting my bag get stolen. I was wasting a lot of my time on my phone on social media. The way I used social media was becoming more and more shallow and I never wanted to be like that. There is this verse that says: ”And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

This verse is so comforting in a sense that no matter what we are going through, God has his hand over it all and is watching us go through this journey of life till we can live with him one day. Now that I don’t have a good phone and camera I have realised how important it is to live in the moment by taking life in with my own eyes and giving to others what I can and just being present. It is so sad how addicted we are to our screens and the Barcelona experience helped me see that. So tip for you, next time you go to Barcelona, keep care of your stuff and if you know you are wasting your time and life on social media, don't keep an eye on your things and trust me a pick pocket will steal it!

After that trip my vacation still was not over, I got to spend an insane week in Croatia on a mission trip. Wow, that week was crazy. (I also experiecnced that week without a good phone, so sadly but not sadly I have no pictures from Croatia) We were a team of people from all over the world and we played and sang songs, performed pantomime and talks on the street in Umag and tried to encourage people to think about their lives and Jesus. We were a team of christians there and gave out free coffee, tea and cake to the tourists and locals passing by. The people there, really enjoyed the music we played and performances we did. But most of all it was unbelievable to see how God was working in it all. I had conversations with different people about my faith and how through Jesus my life has a meaning. You could see God at work and in our hearts the whole time. I myself grew so much as a Christian this week and have realised how much I want to spread this good new and make the most of my life and above all honour God.

Currently it is Sunday night, week three of this school year starts tomorrow. I am in my last year — year 12 of high school and am soo ready and sooo not ready for it all. This really is the last year of my school life and afterwards I will be leaving home and studying or travelling or both. I want this school year to be one where my focus is above all on God, and have him in the centre of it all. I know it will be hard because this year is gonna be super stressful. I will be studying a ton, I’ve also kind off started a new job and have church life where I will be playing in the band most weeks. Then I also have this blog and Youtube in between it all. I haven’t even mentioned social things with friends! But this year is also scary because I will be embarking into a new stage of my life with so many new things. I was always looking forward to the day I turn 18 when I’m finally an adult. But boy thats next month and I’m so not ready. Cuz with that age, will soon after come studying overseas and much more. But you know God has a plan and he is in control and he is and forever will be my biggest comfort.

Basically that is me and my life right now. There is a few more stuff I left out, but tbh I don’t think you even got this far in reading. As I said before, its the start of Autumn, a new season and a new journey. I changed this summer in terms of my faith but also got unsure about my next steps in life. Life is crazy (as I’ve said ten times in this post) but hey God’s in control and that’s all I need.

With love, Claudia x



Top 3 Unique New Year Resolutions // 16 days late!

2017 - what a year!

This past year is filled with so many beautiful memories. It went by so fast! Looking through my camera roll made me remember all the fun times this year.

Travelled to amazing places like Spain, around Austria, Singapore and of course back home to Australia. Made new friends. Tried new foods. Had lots of laughs. Of course there were some lows - but overall it was a truly special year.

Only 16 days into this year and life is busy - schools crazy, I think now I can say "the IB has officially hit me" - thats nothing good, trust me. Never the less I can't wait to experience 2018 to the fullest. Come visit my blog for regular updates :)

New Years Resolutions are nothing new, but every year I find joy in thinking of new ones (or just restarting/retrying my ones from last year......, who else does this?) So this year I got myself a notebook and wrote all of my resolutions down. There must be at least 15 there. I know - as if I can achieve all 15 of them! But I still felt good writing down things I would gradually like to improve in my life from being healthier to being a kinder person.

I wanted to share my top 3 resolutions with you.


At maybe 12:23 on the 1st of January 2018 we had some family friends over and Carol, the mum of a really good friend of mine told me how when she was 19 she didn't eat chocolate for a year. We decided to do that in 2018. So here I am - Claudia - one of the most chocolate obsessed people on this planet NOt eating CHOCOLATE for a YEAR! (so far I have been chocolate free, and its been great! also chocolate-free means nothing with any cocoa in it such as hot chocolate and chocolate cake)


My second resolution is something I thought I would never ever do. I am reading the bible in a year. Yes the whole bible -new and old testament. Not only do I think this experience will let me brag about how I've read the WHOLE BIBLE! - but also help me understand the bible more grow as a christian.


You know those people you are always complaining and grumbly - not cool huh? How cool would it be though, to be those people who are always smiling and thinking on the bright side. That's why my last resolution is to be positive in every situation in life (or at least try my best to) After all just the fact that I am healthy - let alone living shows how great God is and should make me forever joyful. If you haven't smiled today yet, nows a good time :)

Thats all from me for now. Enjoy your week!

ps. What does this New Year mean to you? What are your top 3 resolutions?

With love, Claudia x



LIST 10 wishes, places you've been on vacay, perfect world

Hey Beautiful x

Last week I found this list on pinterest (what a suprise, i know)! I thought it'd be fun to answer :)

List 10 wishes you want to come true...get a husky, pass the IB well, flight to Paris on my birthday, that my family would move to the centre of the city, so we're closer to things,...

List places you have been on vacation...I'll write my favourite places so far; Bangkok, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Budapest, Italy...

List nice things you've done for other people...not to brag, I mean its the question...I've let people in front of me at the checkout, baked cake for someone and cooked a meal, does smiling count?,.

List what would happen if your parents left you alone for a day...Depends what I felt like on that day, nothing bad, either bake and cook all day & have my friends over & movie night, and if I was rly feeling it have a party

List your favourite places to go in your home town...i don't even know where my hometown is...I guess its Sydney...I love going to the beach, bondu to bronte walk, a cute cafe there and the outlet store in sydney.

List what your perfect world would be like...Heaven.

List your most memorable dreams...I basically never remember my dreams. Although surprisingly I remember one I had a lot as a kid, since I had it so often. "I am on my dads shoulders and he is walking through a forest and there are scary monsters and trees getting me" ~nightmare told by 5 year old me

List what you've been for halloween...don't rly celebrate halloween, but for dress up parties I've been Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmatians, I honestly can't remember anymore rn

List what you would do if you won a million dollars...Go to a fancy restaurant with the fam and order 100 dishes, SHOPPING, buy a car and of course donate some of the money.

List your favourite places to eat...anywhere cheap and hipster

List you favourite TV shows..don't watch much TV

List your favourite games... monopoly, card games,

List the things you would like to change in your life...to be a nicer and less self centred person, be good in maths haha my biggest struggle, be more grateful.

thats all for today. good night

love, Claudia x

With love, Claudia x