that red beret.

Who else loves this adorable red beret? I've always admired this unique hat. So eventually I bought myself one. A beret is associated with a cliché french person, at least the red version. That's why this photoshoot gave me heaps of french vibes. I just came out of an art exhibition carrying my art book with me, which gave a cute touch to the last photo, my favourite one.

The beret is from Zara, here is a similar one, since they don't have it in stock at the moment

With love, Claudia x



RED // fall colour inspo

Hey beautiful!

RED. bold colour, makes a statement, grabs attention, love.

I have always loved red lipstick and red roses. Although just lately, have been actually getting into wearing this stunning, bright colour. Its 'the colour of the season' according to my fashionista friend.

I absolutely love red! My small red collection exists of a red silk scarf, a thick winter scarf, a jumper or two and a few tees. My 'red wish list', on the other hand is full off beautiful items! I've always dreamed of a breathtaking long red ball gown, although I have never found a perfect one, yet. This season, I'm also planning on buying a red leather jacket and clutch bag. Above is some of my pinterest inspiration, you might like.

Is it just me or isn't red one of the most beautiful colours ever?! Tell me, have you been wearing it lately? :)

love, Claudia x

With love, Claudia x



red top ootd - how to style // spring obsession

Can this amazing weather please last forever?

I am officially in love with spring.

The other day was one of the most delightful days I’ve had in a while. The weather, like I’ve mentioned repeatedly already, was stunning. It was warm, not hot, just right. The flowers are starting to bloom, birds are peeping, and people are happier.

Not only these things, but also, spring means; good bye black heavy winter coat and hello colourful light clothes!

Here I am sharing with you one outfit I put together for a day walking around in the city, parks and eating delicious food!

I combined a red crop, I bought in Australia with black trousers and flats, both from h&m.

My bag is a faux leather bag with a gold touch. It is very versatile since, it suits most outfits and you can

put a lot of things in it.

For accessories I chose a rose gold cross necklace and a long gold necklace. Don’t they look nice together?

The rest of my jewelery are my everyday jewellery. The earrings are diamond studs and my rose gold watch.

Here is a list of all the things I am wearing:

Bag // pimkie

Necklaces // h&m

Top // cotton on (australia)

Trousers // h&m

Sun glasses // i can't remember - somewhere in austria (i know helpful right)

Watch // casio

After a long walk in the park and the city we obviously couldn’t help but get some ice-cream. If you love rafaelos just like I do, the creamy white chocolate and coconut ugh! ....then you have to try rafaelo ice-cream, it’s more than delicious!

So this was one of my first spring days this year, and I can't wait for many more!  Now I have to get 

back to studying maths, wish me luck, ha

love, claudia x

ps. don't forget to smile, i mean just look at the stunning weather outside!

With love, Claudia x