5 Summer Must Haves // You need these for an amazing summer!!

Hey Beautiful,

Did you know I just recently started a Youtube channel? Well here is my latest video!

In it i tell you all about 5 summer essentials that you might wanna add to your shopping list to have an even better summer! Hope you enjoy watching, and like & subsribe if you enjoyed it, that would mean a lot to me, since I'm still new to Youtube!

Have a lovely summers day!

With love, Claudia x



Top 3 Unique New Year Resolutions // 16 days late!

2017 - what a year!

This past year is filled with so many beautiful memories. It went by so fast! Looking through my camera roll made me remember all the fun times this year.

Travelled to amazing places like Spain, around Austria, Singapore and of course back home to Australia. Made new friends. Tried new foods. Had lots of laughs. Of course there were some lows - but overall it was a truly special year.

Only 16 days into this year and life is busy - schools crazy, I think now I can say "the IB has officially hit me" - thats nothing good, trust me. Never the less I can't wait to experience 2018 to the fullest. Come visit my blog for regular updates :)

New Years Resolutions are nothing new, but every year I find joy in thinking of new ones (or just restarting/retrying my ones from last year......, who else does this?) So this year I got myself a notebook and wrote all of my resolutions down. There must be at least 15 there. I know - as if I can achieve all 15 of them! But I still felt good writing down things I would gradually like to improve in my life from being healthier to being a kinder person.

I wanted to share my top 3 resolutions with you.


At maybe 12:23 on the 1st of January 2018 we had some family friends over and Carol, the mum of a really good friend of mine told me how when she was 19 she didn't eat chocolate for a year. We decided to do that in 2018. So here I am - Claudia - one of the most chocolate obsessed people on this planet NOt eating CHOCOLATE for a YEAR! (so far I have been chocolate free, and its been great! also chocolate-free means nothing with any cocoa in it such as hot chocolate and chocolate cake)


My second resolution is something I thought I would never ever do. I am reading the bible in a year. Yes the whole bible -new and old testament. Not only do I think this experience will let me brag about how I've read the WHOLE BIBLE! - but also help me understand the bible more grow as a christian.


You know those people you are always complaining and grumbly - not cool huh? How cool would it be though, to be those people who are always smiling and thinking on the bright side. That's why my last resolution is to be positive in every situation in life (or at least try my best to) After all just the fact that I am healthy - let alone living shows how great God is and should make me forever joyful. If you haven't smiled today yet, nows a good time :)

Thats all from me for now. Enjoy your week!

ps. What does this New Year mean to you? What are your top 3 resolutions?

With love, Claudia x



friday, 13 october

Hi Darlings! Isn't Friday the 13th an unlucky day or something like that..? Actually a black cat ran across the road whilst we were driving to school today, never the less I had a pretty amazing day today. No bad luck or such. Had heaps fun with my friends Vala and Rahel, total babes! We went to this hipster cafe, took cute photos in front of a pretty old door we found in an street we wandered to, laughed a hell of a lot, got coffee obvs and we found this cute macaron shop in Linz! Lovin days like this.

Happy weekend love! Claudia x

With love, Claudia x