17 things i love

17 random things that i absolutely love

this post idea came in my mind this morning whilst i was tidying my room. i often think 'oh i love....' so here is an unplanned bunch of things that came to my mind first. (apart from the obvious things like my family and friends :)

i love:

1. watermelon - well duh, i do have a watermelon in my hand in the picture above. but honestly watermelons are like one of the best fruits ever!! especially summer is coming - watermelon galore! (just a heads up: this post will continuously mention food sorry haha)

2. inspiring quotes or bible verses - just look at my instagram feed, most posts have a caption of a quote i have been obsessed with. tell me a good quote to make me smile :)

3. singing - i just love singing, also playing my guitar at the same time and singing my favourite songs

4. decorating - anything from my room decoration, school presentations, invites, notes to birthday cards....

5. dressing up really fancy -like for balls, weddings, fancy parties or even church. i have loved this since i was little but aahh it's just so much much fun, doing my makeup, hair, choosing jewellery and then wearing the perfect dress!

6. listening to my current favourite songs - i'm sure most people can agree, listening to music is life. i listen to music all the time, even now whilst i'm wringing this blog post i'm listening to a worship playlist

7. watching youtube videos (haha i could spend hours!)

8. having a beautiful smelling perfume or scent on - flowery and sweet smells are gorgeous! who doesn't like pretty smells?!

9. macarons - ah my loves - whoever does not know these are missing out! french colourful biscuits out of meringue and almonds - they. are. heaven.

10. baking - also cooking and just generally preparing food. food omg!! but baking is the best. like mentioned before; making macarons, birthday cakes and just trying every cool recipe on pinterest!

11. reading a good book - when i have time i could read forever, but seriously a good book is everything (currently i am reading 'milk and honey' by rupee kaur, a book filled with poems - its is amazing! highly recommend!)

12. when people/friends notice little things about me, and make and effort to show so (like saying something nice, or writing a cute note....)

13. when my room is tidy - haha kinda strange, but it just makes my happier and life so much easier!

14. coffee!!! no more words needed.

15. beautiful flowers - aah flowers are so beautiful! i have already planned, when i have my own apartment i will always have some fresh flowers on my dining table :)

16. acai bowls - aka smoothie bowls, they are delicious, healthy, fun to decorate and oh so instagrammy

17. travelling - i have travelled my whole life and lived overseas half of it. travelling is something i absolutely love doing and will hopefully keep on doing for the rest of my life.

oh, trust me there are so many more, but i'll keep it at 16 - for now ;)

what are things that you love?

i hope you have things or people in your life that make you smile

love, claudia x

With love, Claudia x